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For the newbies, we have curated a Beginner’s Guide to Wuhan: from general information about the city, healthcare & transportation guides, nearby weekend and holiday getaway options, expat communities in Wuhan, business & career-oriented news as well as tips & tricks to make your life easier in Wuhan.

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Beginner's Guide


Hospitals with English service in Wuhan

Healthcare is an important aspect of living for anyone anywhere, you can get a medical insurance but that won't mean that illnesses, traumas,viruses, infections...

Local Culture

Chinese Workplace Culture: Key Differences with the West

Continuing with my monthly column on the differences between western and Chinese culture, this time I take a look at Chinese workplace culture, management style,...

Eat Healthy: Seasonal Vegetables and Fruits in Wuhan

Its cold. Its wet. I’m hungry. Another bowl of sour spicy noodles to warm the belly? Fine.  They call this spring yet our winter coats...

Chinese Culture: Getting Around In Wuhan

Catching a Taxi Getting a taxi is one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to travel in the city, and is far cheaper than...


1st Supermarket Guide For Wuhan 武汉第一份进口超市囤货指南,各种“尖儿货”都在这了!

 你饿了吗? Let's go Shopping! ‍ 不知道有多少居家型少男少女跟小乐一样 Homesick boys and girls get excited! 每次一提到逛超市就会兴奋得搓手 Shopping for imported food in Wuhan. 即使外面气温已经热到快原地爆炸 Even though the temperature outside is too hot to run around, 但一想到凉爽的冷气、摆放整齐的商品 Thinking about...


How to use MoBike and Ofo Bike

Riding a bike through the city can be a great option to avoid immense traffic jams or simply to exercise a bit. Wuhan offers two...

How to charge your subway card using WeChat

How many times have you been moving around with your jeans pocket full of one kuai bills for the bus and an empty and...

Moving around Wuhan: a transportation guide

Getting lost in a foreign city can be fun sometimes, but when that happens in a place where hardly anyone speaks English and your...

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Our Favorite Indian Restaurants in Wuhan

Did you know that in a typical curry there are around 60 spices combined? Or that it can create addiction and it’s considered an...

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