Simmering Hong-Kong Style Hot Pot in Ki Fresh Huayuandao!

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Ki Fresh Hot Pot

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About Ki Fresh

Ki Fresh is a Hong-Kong style hot pot restaurant in the centre of Huayuandao with an easy-going dining environment and diverse food menu. 

Award-Winning Brand 

Ki Fresh is well known in China’s hot pot circles. Having won multiple awards since the  brand’s introduction, the restaurant has developed a reputation for its inviting environment and top quality dishes ~ always served fresh. 

花胶鸡 ~ Full chicken with flower essence and a fragrant, easy to drink Winter soup. Golden, fragrant and appetizing textures.  

Popular Choices 

Simmering pots of Hong-Kong style ‘huo guo’Scroll down for a look at some popular choices on the Ki Fresh menu. 

Seafood hors d’oeuvres.
Ki Fresh Signature Dish (招牌花胶鸡浓汤)
Floral Chicken served in thick soup.
Japanese Crab
Three Coloured Beef
Fresh Salted Fish
“Three Second Jingling Bells” (三秒响铃)
Wild Bamboo & Shrimp

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