French Wine & Cultural Appreciation In Les Clos-Elysees

Les Clos-Elysees new platform to express and appreciate a shared love of French wine.


Les Clos-Elysees

Perched in the towering Han Street Headquarters, Les Clos-Elysees (Wuhan) Import & Export Co.,Ltd. (formerly known as Vin Sur 20) has relocated from Wuhan Tiandi (Hankou) to Wuchang’s Room A, Block 3806, Han Street Headquarters.

“Clos” ~ the manor that produces quality wine”

“Elysees” ~ the Champs Elysées in Paris, France, and the “Elysee Palace” of the president of Paris (imply common values and hobbies)

Wine Culture

Les Clos-Elysees provides a platform for people with common values and hobbies to cultivate and express their appreciation of fine wine. As a home of imported French wine, Les Clos-Elysees is a space for learning about wine as a product and the elegance of the French way of life.

Both bulk and individual orders taken. Catering services also on offer.  WSET International Certified Wine Courses available for all interested parties.

Hundreds of international wine brands in the cellar with sommeliers on hand introduce and assist customers on the art of wine tasting and wine appreciation. Prices vary with product range-from low cost for less popular brands to premium prices for exclusive and top of the range wines.

From French vineyards in Bordeaux to Wuhan and other cities around China. Les Clos-Elysees only provides authentic, high quality wines shipped from France.

The “Fragrant Street” Wine Series

A series of top quality wines with close ties to France’s rich history & culture. Popular on French public holidays and festivals and growing a large following in China. 

“Fragrant Street Beauty”

Belle des Champs represents the birth of French renaissance and moulin mills, a memorable cultural era in France’s history. Champs originates from the “Champs Elysées”, while “Belle” comes from the beauty of the famed Fragrant Street. Dark red aromatic merlot with a mellow taste. Ideal for drinking alone or when paired with beef stews, braised pork, duck meat or fried potatoes. 

“Knight of Fragrant Street”

Fragrant Street Knight Le Cavalier L’ulysse de chateau cazeau represents the “Knight Spirit of the victory of the French state”, a historic period in France’s history filled with war-time victories and parades.

Charming crimson red wines with a powerful and fruity flavour and smoky aroma. Ideal for pairing with spicy food or grilled meat.

“Fragrant Street Artist”

Fragrant street L’Artiste represents French writer Marcel Proust and his famous novel “The Search For The Passing Time”.

This wine is a blend of three grape varieties of Syrah, Haina and Thor.They feature gorgeous ruby colors and fruits, spices and wild shrub grass and tasty mellows with exquisite elegance. Ideal for pairing with beef stew, barbecue, sauce game, mixed salad and chocolate dessert.

Wine Appreciation Salon

Les Clos-Elysees (Wuhan) Import&Export Co.,Ltd. caters for customized salon services & provides professional wine lecturers by a Les Clos-Elysees sommelier.  Wine rental services also provided – packages include  2-3 wines for tasting and  two sommelier service staff. 

Wine lectures introduce both local and international wines.

Founded in 1969, the WSET Wine and Spirits Education Trust and its world-famous programs officially certified Les Clos-Elysees in 2017, making it the only authorized WSET agent in Wuhan.

Annual private tours of French and other European vineyards organized for small groups of 5-6 people. An opportunity to experience France’s rich wine culture and a slow-paced European lifestyle. 

Les Clos-Elysees

Pure winds blow from the Champs-Elysees,

Ushering in a wine-cultured lifestyle.

A platform for shared values,

A chance to connect with French elegance and romance. 

Address: Room A, Block 3806, Han Street Headquarters, Wuchang District, Wuhan.

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday. 24hour advance reservation required.  

For all inquiries and reservations:

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