March 8th Womens Day Party & New Afternoon Tea Sets at Punk Bar

Punk Bar


Womens Day Party

Special surprise in-store for all ladies on Womens Day!

Afternoon Tea Set

New on the menu: try 4 of our new tea sets for an afternoon alone or as a set for two.

Steak Mondays

Fresh, chilled Australian steak. Only ¥118 on Mondays!

Pizza Tuesdays

Only ¥47 for freshly-baked beef pizzas, available all day on Tuesdays.

Chicken Wing Wednesdays

A tasty set of Punk Bar wings for only ¥28. 

Ladies Only

Blue & pink bubbly wine for the ladies. Buy 1 and you’ll get 1 free.

“This Bud’s for you”

Get a dozen Budweiser cans & you’ll get 6 free!

 Forever In Your Heart 

Let yourself be moved by the music. Live music performances every night on the Punk Bar grand stage.

Like the song always on your mind & the experience that brought tears to your eyes, we hope your memories in Punk Bar will forever be in your heart.

 Try Our Fine Wine Collection 

Like a poem in a bottle, our wine collection has a story to tell. Smooth taste, aged abroad and filled with flavour. 

International Cuisine 

Whether you’re coming for a casual lunch or a romantic dinner for two, Punk Bar caters for all occasions. A mix of Wuhan and Western cuisine is a perfect match. An ambient environment sets the mood for a memorable day out. A truly international experience, one Punk Bar for all!

 East Meets West 

Many come for a drink and discover a tasty mix of local and international cuisine. Take a trip around Punk Bar and soak in the dreamy environment. There really is something for everyone. 

Become a Member! 

Level 1: ¥1,000

You’ll get 24 bottles of Budweiser
3 free afternoon tea coupons

6 afternon cash coupons

Level 2: ¥2,000

You’ll get 60 bottles of Budweiser
8 free afternoon tea coupons

16 afternon cash coupons

Level 3: ¥5,000

You’ll get 150 bottles of Budweiser
25 free afternoon tea coupons

50 afternon cash coupons

Level 4: ¥10,000

You’ll get 320 bottles of Budweiser!
60 free afternoon tea coupons

& 120 afternon cash coupons.