Swimming through mud & rain with the Baiji Rugby

Invitation to the Kunming Rugby 10s Tournament with the Wuhan Baiji Rugby

The weather on Saturday sure was miserable wasn’t it? I imagine that most of you avoided the hour long didi queues, opting instead to cozy up with your favorite TV show inside.
But not your Wuhan Baiji! We braved the miserable rain as we continue our training for the upcoming Kunming Rugby 10s Tournament on November 24th. Rugby culture is known for being a ‘come rain or shine’ affair, and we live up to this mantra. Getting a little wet and dirty is all a part of the fun.

Saturday morning training for children aged 5-15. Contact WeChat ID: jackeasy

We began with some plyometric speed training before partnering up for calisthenic body exercises. Can you imagine what it was like trying to sprint through mud while carrying a soaking wet partner?
Afterwards, we transitioned into playing some good ol fashioned ‘hugby’, utilizing the rain to the best of our advantage by having puddles act as try lines. There were more than a few tumbles and slip ups, but it was all part of the fun. By the end of practice we carried our muddy, rain soaked bodies with pride as we exited the field. No amount of rain could wash away the smiles we had on our faces that day.

Wednesday Night Rugby Practice

If you would like to join in on the fun, and see what Wuhan Baiji RFC is all about, feel free to join us at our upcoming practices. We welcome any individual, regardless of age, gender, or physical fitness level.

Saturday Afternoon Rugby Practice

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