Wuhan's Mighty Mighty Coffee Roasters

New afternoon package meals and discounts at Mighty Mighty Coffee.


 Mighty Mighty Coffee Roasters

Afternoon Tea Set For 2 (30% off)
Every Day 2pm – 6:30 pm
Mighty Mighty afternoon tea package @¥116 . Pick 2 drinks from a set of 5: London Fog  (¥45), Flavor Hot Latte (¥37), New Zealand Boutique Tea (¥35), Grapefruit Black Tea (¥40), New Zealand Ice Chocolate (¥39).
And pick 2 desserts from a set of 4: WELLINGTON-Coffee Flavor Mousse (¥38), But Dunedin-Mango flavor Mousse (¥38), Queenstown-Macaron (¥35) or try the Hamilton-Litchi Lime Mousse (¥35).

Work Lunch Menu Set (30% off)

Every Day 12:01pm – 6:30 pm
Pick between an American coffee (hot; ice is optional) for only ¥25 or a New Zealand flat White @¥28. Stacked sandwich options: Eggs, avocado cheese sandwich @¥28, or try the American ham, pineapple, cheese sandwich also going for ¥28 or pick the Korean kimchi, egg, cheese sandwich @¥24.

The Mighty Coffee Roaster

German Probat coffee roaster: a leading brand known for stability and high quality output. Comes with a built-in computer and roast-learning function.Signature Brands in Store

Exclusive section of designer clothing in the Mighty Mighty coffee shop. Ask the front desk to direct you to the clothing section (in case you miss it).

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