New Student Guide Part 4: Cafés & French desserts

The end of a 4 part series on restaurants & cafés new students should check out


Heart Café 游心咖啡

Heart Café might not have a wide range of beverages on its menu, but it’s coffee is really popular in Wuhan. French desserts served in the restaurant are also well known. The new cafe is can be found on the river beach of Qingshan.
One of the few cafes open at sunrise.
Che Coffee 澈咖啡

Newly-opened but already known as a café for amazing photoshoots. In addition to regular flavors, their collection of private coffee collection is worth a try.
1Z Coffee Z咖啡

Among cafes in Wuhan with a view of the riverside, Z Coffee recently opened near the Northwest Lake. Stable menu of coffee and desserts and a growing reputation for professional service and tasty desserts.
Levitate Café 蕾塔咖啡馆

Levitate is known as the café with pure-white furnishing & a sophisticated coffee roaster. It’s one of only three cafes in Wuhan with a Probat roaster, the Rolls Royce of coffee roasters.
A café under the Yangtze River Bridge with the most peculiar boss.
Joker Café 咖啡

The owner of Joker café s is a judge in the Wuhan Division of the World Barista Competition. So when you visit his café, expect world-class coffee.
A collection of souffles and premium French desserts around Wuhan:

Blanc d’œuf Café 蛋白
Light of Cheese Café 光之乳酪
Naiki English Afternoon Tea 奈趣英式下午茶
Minuit Patisserie 深夜法式甜品
 Cadeau Sucre Café 朵苏法式甜品
Moment French Desserts 法式甜品
Petit Paris 小巴黎