New Student Food Guide Part 3: Tasty Pastries

8 dessert restaurants around Wuhan for that sweet tooth & sugar craving!


Cake, Muffins, Souffle

This new restaurant recently moved into Victory Street & specializes in desserts. Signature pastries are plain and peach muffins with a soft interior and pleasing taste.
Even at the peak of Wuhan’s Summer, customers would patiently line up for their tasty products.
Nikicake French Desserts and Bread

Nikicake features green walls that give a refreshing sense of renewal and love. They specialize in French dessert and bread, with “Chunjiao“, “Zhiming”  being the two most popular desserts.
Picnic French Desserts

Eating dessert while lying in a bathtub is a surprisingly enjoyable experience & one available at this store. Unlike many restaurants, this place offers new menu items on a daily basis.
This house carries with it a Parisian spirit and brings a taste of France to Wuhan.

Now here’s a place in Taipei Road suitable for an English afternoon tea. TINTIN is home to plate-style desserts made on blank dinner plates that add both a visual and edible experience. We recommend their sea salt caramel and farina cakes.

Thaimi is a popular Thai dessert restaurant with two branches in Wuhan at the moment. Their style of baking and rich ingredients create an authentic flavor you’ll remember after every bite. We recommend their Mango Sticky Rice: a sweet and juicy mango, well blended with soft and chewy sticky rice and mixed with ice cream.
Mr. Patty’s

Blackberry Mood”, “Green Forest”, “Furian Flame Mountain” are the restaurant’s most popular offerings, normally sold out by the end of each afternoon.
You might as well get rid of any weight-loss plans you had cos you’ll be eating at Mr Patty’s daily!
Uji Chuxi Matcha

A matcha dessert restaurant featuring multi-layered, Dafoe and a variety of cheese pastries. 1,000 flavors of Japanese Uji matcha ice cream all waiting for you to try!
Sunny Van

Sunny Van is one of the oldest fruit and cake stores in Han Street. Man have found the  taste of their cakes intoxicating and soothing. Cakes can be ordered online followed by an express delivery.