New Student Food Guide Part 2: Japanese & Hot Pot Spots

Affordable hotpots & a taste of Japan right here in Wuhan!

Japanese Food
Izakaya, creativity, integration

Benyi Japanese Restaurant 本一日食

Benyi’s chef in the store once cooked for the renowned Chinese businesswoman Dong Mingzhu. The chef has strict control on food materials and the setting of dishes. With a cozy small courtyard, huge glass windows and white pebbles, it’s very suitable for Instagram pictures and group meals.
The newly-opened Japanese food store on Machangjiaoheng Road hides a Kyoto-style yard.
East-West Canteen 东西食堂

The food prices are pretty good. You won’t need to spend much no matter how much you eat. The foie gras melts on your tongue and the sauce is made just right.
A hot Japanese food store moved to Jianghan Road. The prices there are so good that we had to sneak in for a peek!
Da Kong Yi 大空鮨

Da Kong Yi is a creative Japanese food store in Han Street. The owner is skilled at using different ingredients to make fresh food combinations. The duck meat sushi, duck meat with avocado + fried shredded shallot is fragrant in the mouth.
The restaurant also offers home-made quinoa mango vinegar frozen salad which has a cool, sweet and sour taste.
House String Lord Midnight Canteen 极屋串宗酒场·深夜食堂

One of Wuhan’s most sought after Japanese food stores. We recommend their cheese tofu, Shizuoka food and the Nanman fried chicken.
After seven years in Shanghai, the restaurant owner chose to open this Izakaya in the back street of Jianghan Road.
Seven Izakaya 柒餐厅·洋风居酒屋

It’s a foreign style Japanese restaurant with an elegant selection and arrangement of dishes. The environment has an advanced sense of industry, silence & comfort. It’s suitable for Tanabata dates and birthday parties.
Behind the lights of Han Street is an Izakaya where fresh things are constantly happening.

Hot Pot
Sichuan flavors, spicy, sukiyaki

      Cou Cou Tea Shop 湊湊.茶憩

The high-end brand of Jia Beng. At the moment, there is only one store in International Plaza in Wuhan. It specializes in Taiwan style hotpot and unlike Sichuan hotpot, its soup base has its own characteristics. It’s divided into Taiwan style spicy pot, rare mushroom pot and tomato and calf knee bone pot.

The Robe Bubble Tea in the store is known as “the first online popular milk tea in Beijing” and is highly recommended for drinking.

Youth Hotpot 青年火锅

An authentic Sichuan-Chongqing flavored hotpot in Wuhan. The stir-fried material of the soup base comes in abundant portions. Pepper and wild pepper are covered with butter & the soup base is poured in. The more you cook, the more fragrant it becomes!
Gypsophila Taizhen Hotpot  满天星太珍火锅

Gypsophila Taizhen is an old store in Wuhan that’ s been open for more than 30 years. Since the opening of the store, the prices haven’t changed much. The soup base only costs a little more than 12 RMB. Such an affordable price is rare in Wuhan. The food in the store is traditional, but very fresh.
After eating all the hotpots in Wuhan, where else can we go?
Muye Hotpot 牧也锅物料理

Muye was the first Japanese style Wagyu hotpot restaurant in Wuhan. The main dishes served in the store are for the birthday and the kelp soup pots. Their beef is fried first then boiled.

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