Free Pet Rabies Vaccinations at the 2nd Annual Wuhan World Rabies Day Campaign

Free rabies vaccination at the World Rabies Day Campaign

September 22, 2018, at 2pm.

Venue: Nice Pet International Hospital

Campaign Outline
Nice Pet Hospital’s garden will be used as the area for dogs coming to receive a free rabies vaccine. Cats will be vaccinated inside the hospital for safety reasons.
A safe path will be arranged for the pet owners to walk with their dogs to the designated vaccination location and students from Jianghan University (陈颖, and 邓晚茹) will be assigned to manage and assist with the dogs and their owners standing in line.
Introductions and classes on some of the following topics will be given during the campaign:

  • animal shelter construction
  • finless porpoise model construction with non-toxic play-dough
  • educational activity to teaching children and parents how to prepare home-made cat food
  • maze game that allows kids and parents to explore and learn about animals behavior, helping to encourage empathy building
  • public awareness on rabies prevention
  • public education on stray animal rescue efforts
  • a discussion on the role of veterinarian behavioral experts in bringing people and animals together in harmony.

Media represented at campaign: Wuhan 6TV; Wuhan TV Station Children’s Channel; Changjiang Weekly.

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