International Creator Center Grand Opening

New immigration policies allowing foreign students to legally work as interns in Wuhan

September 26, 2018
: Jie Li Fang International Creator Center, 2nd Floor

Register to join the 26 September ceremony. International students are encouraged to attend!
Invited Guests:  

  • Immigration Administration Bureau
  • Departments of Jiang’an District
  • Representative from Wuhan University
  • Vice-President of International Education College of Huazhong Normal University
  • Representatives of international students of Wuhan

Presentation language: Chinese
What people will learn at event:

  • Introduction to the “International Creator Center” project by Wuhan Entry-Exit Bureau leaders
  • Commissioning of the “International Students Internship Base”, creating opportunities for foreign students to legally work as interns in Wuhan
  • Updates on the latest visa policies the process of project advancement, and the plan of future activities
  • Introduction to services foreign students can get at the International Internship Base
  • Introductions to internships available to international students
  • Opportunity to directly communicate with Wuhan’s immigration authorities

Event Timetable
08:30 Guest arrival & sign-in
09:00 Opening of the International Creator Center
09:15-09:25 Commissioning of the “International Students Internship Base”
09:25-10:00 Project induction & scheduled conduction plan
10:00-10:30 Updates on visa policies and ongoing Wuhan immigration projects
11:00 Ceremony conclusion & photo session

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