Wuhan Social turns 3 with FREE BEER at BEER BARN in Wuchang!

Celebrating 3 years of Wuhan Social!

 3 Years 

 for Wuhan Social

Yes. Thats right. You heard it right – Free Beer and Cocktails. And if you’ve ever been to a Wuhan Social party you know that we’re not kidding. But what you haven’t heard is that Wuhan Social celebrates its 3 Year Anniversary and for this reason we’ve launched our NEW Subscription Account in Chinese, 小赞Wuhan


About the Party!

The event is open for everyone but the free drink offer is by invitation only, but don’t worry, You can get get an invite by following the instructions in the bottom of the article.

Saturday 8pm
’till 2 am

This is a new

Beer Barn

If you’ve ever been to the first Beer Barn in Hankou, the one with very few out door seats, this one will blow your mind with a huge and elegant outdoor seating area and it’s massive windows overlooking the outdoor terrace. The rest is almost the same – cheap beer, food, cocktails. Oh… and one more thing – it opens at 10:00am! That means they offer coffee, tea, breakfast, lunch or anything humans eat during the day time.

 Since 2015 

The Highlight of Wuhan’s Nightlife

The rumors about drinks cheaper than Walmart got our attention. It was the first Beer Barn that disrupted the market. Soon, under the same ownership, a bar called “Commune” opened with a Wuhan Social Party, no exceptions – free drinks for everyone!

Back in 2016. Wuhan Social Party

2 years later 

Another Bad Boy in Town

When we heard about the new Beer Barn opening, we couldn’t resist to throw another Unlimited Free Beer Party. This time bigger, better, and still free. David will personally introduce you to the party highlights at the newly opened Beer Barn in Wuchang.

Please follow the steps or just do what it says:

1. Unlimited Drinks

The free cocktails are: Whiskey and Coke, or Rum and Coke, + all Beers shown below are free and unlimited (Thanks to our Sugar Daddy) if you want to try other drinks or cocktails the normal prices apply.

Here’s the Beer – Drink it all

2. Snacks to go

You can order food from the Wuhan Social Discount Menu that is made specially to help keep you sober for the all night binge (you will find it on your table).  It’s fast, cheap, and conveniently served in paper boats.

Salad, French Fries, Chicken Wings, Pizza, Sausages etc. 

3. Grab A Seat

We’re expecting 300 people (more people more fun) so if you can’t find a seat, just mingle around the tables, dance, talk to everyone like everybody else.

…or you can come earlier and grab one while you can

4. Free Photos

Look for a guy with massive camera and ask for a picture with your friends! It’s Free and you will get a picture immediately to your phone.

Your phone   V.S.   Big Black Camera

5. After Party?

The kitchen closes at 2am. If you still can walk, open Wuhan Social Mini Program and get to the nearest AFTER PARTY!


Free Booze Require an Invite!

September 8th. only (dah…)

To get your free booze wristband Subscribe to our New Subscription Account so we can put you on the list.

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