17 cheap lunch spots for people on the go

What's for lunch today?

Work Work Work all morning long until the big question comes up:
“What should I eat for lunch?”

To help white collars professionals answer this frustrating question, we searched for the most popular lunch spots among working professionals in 4 business districts of Wuhan.They’re filled with both tasty & healthy options, about 20 RMB/person. Sounds like a bargain!Let’s have a look!

楚河汉街 Han Street

In the exquisite and elegant commercial pedestrian street surrounded by office buildings such as Decheng Center, Han Street International Headquarters  & the Ping An International. What are the restaurants that white collar pro’s prefer visiting at noon?

鱼吖吖酸菜鱼米饭 Yu Yaya Rice with Sauerkraut Fish

Address: 中北路凯德1818负一楼胡椒厨房隔壁

Average cost for each person:28元


The Sauerkraut Fish that can be wrapped up as a take-out meal or eaten in the restaurant is very popular. Their canteen is also suitable for 2-3 people to have meals together. The restaurants are not big so people often have to line-up.
Remember to tell the waiter about the spice before ordering your meal.

海错山珍 Hai Cuo Treasure Hill

Address: 中北路凯德1818负一楼

Average cost for each person:26元


Noodles mixed with shellfish and rice are a treat. The main highlight is that there’s almost no sand in the shellfish! One can also look forward to generous meat servings.

The decoration is simple and elegant, with a style that resembles popular online stores on Instagram. It’s quite suitable for selfie fanatics.

墨子巷六号 No. 6 Mozi Lane

                                             Average cost per person:20元


Although the color is bright and alluring, we felt it wasn’t spicy enough. The soup’s aroma is appetizing + the beef casserole and beef noodles with beef breast come highly recommended.

                                                        Mr Rice 大米先生

Average cost per person:20元

The environment is good, the restaurant is clean and the ordering system is relatively advanced. Food dishes are rich and it’s really affordable for office workers-simple looking for nutritious meals on the go.

精粉世家 Tasty Noodles Family

                                    Average cost per person:15元


The restaurant is very popular and opens for breakfast and lunch in the Han Street Headquarters. The beef and beef belly in the noodles are served in sufficiently sized portions and the side dishes (such as pickled radish and capers) also taste good.

武汉天地 Wuhan Tiandi

There are many office buildings in this literary and artistic district. Here you’ll find that there are many working professionals in the Enterprise Center No. 5, Wuhan Tiandi Business Group and the CITIC Taifu Building.

黄妈妈馄饨 Mrs Huang’s Wonton

Price per person:10元


It’s popular among netizens! Although the size is small, the food tastes really good. There are many types of wontons and dumplings on offer. The classic soup is fresh and tasty. The stuffing is fresh and the amount served is sufficient.

周极品特色冒菜 Zhou Jipin Specialized Mixed Veggies

                                      Address: 中山大道1461号二中侧门
Average cost per person:26元

It’s an old restaurant that’s been open for several years. The area inside is small and there are almost no decorations in sight. However, they serve a variety of menu items. The servings are sufficient and the dishes are tasty + affordable. This is probably the reason for the it’s popularity!

汪先生的饭 Mr Wang’s Rice

Average cost per person:25元

The small restaurant opposite the No.2 Middle School is clean and comfortable. It’s easy on the wallet too. The owner is careful and the waiters are also very enthusiastic. In short, it’s a very warm and welcoming restaurant.

光之乳酪 Cheese

Average cost per person:29元

After a long day of work, people often gather here to enjoy lunch and dessert to chat in this retro and lovely environment.
The waiters are enthusiastic and willing to help choose dessert. The recommended dessert is cheese bread and Shu Fulei.

The large shopping mall full of luxury goods is surrounded by office buildings such as Genesis Plaza, Wuguang Office Building and the World Trade Center. The fancy food is a daily source of happiness!

又一掂香港美食 Another Hong Kong Restaurant

Average cost per person:30元


The restaurant is not big and is easy to find. Dry fried beef is quite famous for its texture and taste. Hainan chicken rice and pineapple oil are also good (worth recommending for a simple meal).

忠叔港鹅烧味饭 Zhongshugang Goose Rice

Average cost per person:26元


The restaurant has an open-design with a tabletop and high-seat tables and chairs. Seats are big and clean, the owner is generous and offers rich and tasty goose meat. It’s definitely worth a try!

鲜品萃外带寿司 Fresh Sushi Store

Cost per person:22元


The combination sushi of various ingredients and dishes is affordable and fresh.

P.S their sushi is made freshly, daily.

It’s tasty and fresh and the meat is soft and sweet.

拌面小当家  Mixed Noodle Masters

Average cost per person:15元


A famous dish in the restaurant is “burned pepper egg and beef noodle”. Although the combination looks strange, the final taste can be invincible. As for the store decoration, the warm art makes a cool photo background!

中南路 Zhongnan Road

The Zhongnan Business Circle is the core of Wuchang Commercial Office Building, China Construction Plaza, China Merchants Plaza, China Construction Third Building, Zhongnan International City, Pengcheng Times and other office buildings are located here.

罗罐中成都特色手工米粉 Chengdu Style Noodles

Average cost per person:16元


It mainly offers Chengdu hand-made rice noodles and some Chuanchuan. Rice noodles are traditional hand-made rice noodles and the soup is very refreshing.

The overall environment is relatively simple. The waiters are warm and thoughtful. For a simple restaurant, it’s pretty awesome!

小诸葛襄阳牛肉面 Xiao Zhuge Fuyang Beef Noodles

Average cost per person:20元


The couples that own & run the place are passionate and sincere. They are careful to prepare the beef and ingredients. The soup is sweet and is said to be made with Chinese medicine.

鲨鱼吃面 Shark Eats Noodles

Cost per person:20元


Although it’s only a chain restaurant offering seafood and glutinous rice noodles. The food on offer has a memorable taste. Shrimp beef and beef rice are fried and eaten at the moment. The shellfish scallop meat noodles are tasty and it’s worth our recommendation.

沙拉实验室 Salad Lab

Average cost per person:22元


The outer packaging and the taste of high-value salads and their sauce are both perfect. A combination of corn, mashed potatoes and chicken breasts is well-balanced.

After a busy work morning don’t forget to try some of these popular food spots.
Bon appetit!
Do you guys have a favorite lunch restaurant?
Please leave a message below to let us know about it!