10 cool weekend hangout spots for you & your kids!

Where will you & your kids spend the weekend?

It takes much mental and physical effort for parents to go out and play with their kids sometimes.
At times letting kids have fun in a safe and healthy way, parents have to set their wits to work.
How can it be done in a way that’s both easy and fun for both parent & child? Here’s our pick of the ten most popular parent-child-friendly places in Wuhan, where kids can enjoy playing while their parents relax.


Price per person:184 RMB

From Raccoons to Marmots and Parrots, different kinds of animals can be seen in this indoor zoo. The environment is pretty clean and visitors need to wash hands before entering.


Some interactive activities are arranged inside the park. Children can feed animals and earn a badge after collecting all stamps from each of the animal zones.
A children’s playground and a rest area for parents are specially set up. Drinks and snacks available in the canteen.

Harry’s Kitchen 哈里小屋

Price per person:200 RMB

Harry’s Kitchen is a baking classroom for families which makes children unable to take a step when passing by. A biscuit castle and various fondant sets are showcased in the store. The overall decoration of the store is exquisite and child-friendly.

One-on-one courses are also provided here. Children can choose to make biscuits, donuts or cupcakes. Besides, such seasonal classes as popsicles or ice-cream making are also available. Only high quality import ingredients are used in Harry’s Kitchen.


术木工坊 Woodwork Workshop

Cost per person:150 RMB

If your children are interested in doing handwork, take them to this DIY carpentry space. Guided by professional teachers, they can get a full sense of accomplishment by taking home a finished product they made themselves!


Courses both for children and for adults are offered. Parents can either create work with children or learn in their own allocated space.
Photo source: official website

                                  Wushang Zhongyuan Songsong Town 武商众圆松松小镇
Price per person:97 RMB

Wushang Zhongyuan Songsong Town features a forest theme park. You can see the blue sky, white clouds, the earth and forests in its decoration. There are also statues of small dinosaurs in the park.


The equipment inside is quite new and some conventional amusement facilities such as ocean balls, trampolines and mini trains can be found. There’s also a private ship, climbing, role-playing and other engaging activities.
English and dance classes for kids are available in Songsong Town. The way of teaching through lively activities comes highly recommended by parents.

麦鲁小城 Milo Small City

Cost per person:173 RMB

In this imitation of the real world, there are blocks and houses children get to play the part of different professionals, such as firefighters and police. The staff also provides some vocational guidance.



In My Rules World, children have their own IDs and bank cards. They work and earn salaries with which they can buy snacks. When children are engaged, parents can relax and take photos for them.

                                                      维佳童话镇Weijia Fairytale Town
Cost per person:181 RMB

Weijia Fairytale Town is kind of like an indoor Happy Valley for children. It’s suitable for kids aged 5-8 and there is are no restriction on the number of times they can play in any recreational activity.


Roller Coaster, Flume Ride, Bumper Cars! These exciting but safe games are very popular. Parents can also play with kids and aren’t likely to feel bored!

史丹弗儿童科学馆 Stamford Children’s Science Museum

Address: 金银潭大道宏图路8号武汉客厅G栋1楼
Cost per person:109 RMB

The science museum has two floors. On the first floor you’ll find ocean balls, children’s slides and a mini sand beach where parents can play with their kids. On the second floor, there are trampolines and a reading zone. Children can climb stairs to go to sleep in the caves upstairs.


All the recreational projects are suitable for parents and kids. The museum accounts for a large area and pays attention to hygiene. Despite no restriction on age, it’s highly recommended that children aged 3 & above.

NokNok Kid’s Cafe 若蔻亲子餐厅

Cost per person:335 RMB

Besides the amusement parks for parents and kids mentioned above, this restaurant is also a good place for the whole family to dine. It offers both recreational projects and meals. Designated staff members stay with children when they play with toys or put on matching costumes.


The restaurant is suitable for kids aged 0-6. Light and healthy dishes are served, with consideration given to children. The time limit for a meal is three hours and a reservation one day in advance is needed-contact 180 7154 9400.

                                               顽童堡亲子餐厅 Wonderchef

Cost per person:158 RMB

There are popular recreational projects such as ocean balls, children’s slides and trampolines in the restaurant. The second floor features a special area for picture story books, where children can read quietly while their parents eat or relax aside.


Speaking of food, creamy mushroom risotto, teriyaki rice and sandwiches are recommended. The restaurant attaches great importance to good hygiene. Both parents and children have to wear socks and slippers provided by the restaurant and children have to clean their hands before they begin to play.

                                               BIOBLE 至爱法麦亲子餐厅

Address: 中一路永旺梦乐城3F346
Cost per person:42 RMB

The decorations are adorable. The background set by crafted wall ornaments creates great-looking photos. There’s also a small playground inside with small stools for kids. Your whole family can have a rest here while cozily enjoying an afternoon tea.


Their specialty is bread. French bread, Sakura pear cheese and French Rose are recommended.


Children learn through lively activities which parents can also take part in.

So where will you take your loved ones this weekend?