Tell me how you read, I will tell you how you write

An invitation to Dr Elvis Opoku's 2nd book launch in Wuhan

Wuhan will host again the launching ceremony of an intriguing personal development book by Elvis Nana Opoku, a medical doctor who just finished a masters in clinical Neurology at Tongji Medical College of HUST. This book is a must read for all of those who feel special but think they are unable to make progress in life.

Book Launch: Heavy Is The Head:the crown does not wear itself

Saturday 30 June


New Beacon Hotel

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I sent him a couple of questions about literature and writing so that readers can know more about the real life of a writer. 

As an experiment, I also submitted those questions to Hortêncio Cassemene  who wrote The Foreigner, so readers can compare two different styles from writers sharing some similarities.

Elvis Nana Opoku, Heavy is the head, the crown does not wear itself 

Dr Elvis Opoku

You wrote about personal development, theories about well being, your own experience in simple words, etc. Why write about this, now?
– I write about this now because  I believe that the world and young people specifically need to do better with our own personal enhancements. The best way to convey a message is to do it in a simple, relatable way, and that’s why I write in that style. 
You make great use of quotes, why so many?
– Quotes relating to a topic has a way of summarising and putting so much information in a few words. I believe that people realising that great renowned people relating to and having an opinion on certain things gives more weight and adds a certain seriousness and purpose to it.
What is your audience? How do you think your readers react to your writings?
– My audience is primarily young adults..but I also believe any human being looking to improve on themselves can pick up on something and that means that virtually anybody is a potential audience. 
Are you writing on a screen or with a pen? 
– I write anywhere I get inspired. That means I wrote some parts of the book on my phone, iPad and in my books, with a pen. 

“The Foreigner” by Hortencio Cassemene

How do you read?
– I think I read just like anyone else does, trying to take in as much as I can.
Three books that you would take on your flight home?
– Animal Farm by George Orwell, The art of war by Sun Tzu and any book by Dr. Myles Munroe
The last three books you read?
– I have been writing and as part of my process I don’t read any books so I can focus on my own original ideas and theories. So it’s hard to remember the exact last 3 books I read.
Beside writings, what are your hobbies?
– I love music, and I listen to and make music as well. I am a music producer and founder of Classick Music Group. I am also a medical doctor and I’m very passionate about helping people. 
What is your dream?
– My dream is to see the world become a better place, to see young people take control and bring the world at their feet. 

Hortêncio Cassemene, The Foreigner

At Hortencio Cassemene’s recent book launch

You wrote about personal development, theories about well being, your own experience in simple words, etc. Why write about this, now?
The reason I write about personal development and theories of well-being is because I have been doing research in this field since 2009 and when I look at my past and compare it to my current life, I recognize tremendous changes and all these changes  were due to the new acquired mind-set. I believe that we all represent possibilities in each other’s lives, even though we have different problems, our dramas are common. For example: when you fail, you feel down for a while, if I fail I feel down too, that is a natural reaction to failure but how we raise from that and what we do afterwards determines the difference responses we can have to failure. What I try to do is to show people differences.
You make great use of quotes, why so many?
Since I want to show possibilities to people, I think it is more appropriate to have different point of views about a singular topic to cover different kind of people and also have the same views on one specific topic to make the reader understand that although they might not be scientifically proven ideas but they can work if applied efficiently. But I have to remind that I am not trying to prove anything.
What is your audience? How do you think your readers react to your writing?
My audience depends on the approach I make in each book I write. If I had to say which public The Foreigner aims I would mention the FOREIGNERS, not matter where they go, they would surely need. In general, I would mention everyone who is curious to learn new ways of thinking, breaking paradigms and willing to see life in a different angle in order to give a different direction toward his goal. My readers more often than not feel like my writing touch their soul, talks to them in a way that they feel very familiar as if I had been where they are and I know what they are going trough.
Are you writing on a screen or with a pen?
I am writing on a screen. The one and only time I wrote with a pen was in 2012 back in Angola.
How do you read?
For me books are like food, whenever I am hungry for knowledge I read the books that feed my hunger at the moment which means I read according to the needs I have got or the goals I have. I try to get most of a book, I read slowly and take time to digest the ideas by applying them in real life and see if they work. My goal is not to read hundreds of books but to enrich my knowledge with the books I read and change my life.
Three books that you would take on your flight home?
The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho, Celestial Prophecy by James Red-Field and Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Malts
The last three books you read?
Developing the Leaders Around You by John C. Maxwell, Roar of The African Lion by Chika Onyeani and The Art of Was by Sun Tzu.
Besides writing, what are your hobbies?
I like to listen to music, have a nice conversation, reading, watching movies, documentaries and skating.
What is your dream?
My dream is to have freedom in all areas of my life and to achieve that I need to become the change I want to see.