Breath-taking acrobats & open-air music shows at the 2018 Croisements Festival

Circa Tsuica, world-renowned musicians and French cinematic exhibitions on display in Wuhan!

The 13th Croisements Festival opened on May 3 in the Yellow Crane Tower Park. Francois Durovray, President of the County Council of Essonne and his delegation members attended the opening ceremony and witnessed a cooperation agreement signed between Yellow Crane Tower Park and Chateaau de Chamarande, a 17th-century castle in Essonne.
Circa Tsuica, a company of musicians and acrobats also from Essonne,  brought a unique performance that incorporated breath-taking acrobatics with joyous music. Circa Tsuica’s performances, along with open-air shows from other five groups of musicians from France and China, were presented in the Yellow Crane Tower Park until 4:30 P.M. that day. Their performances will continue to May 4.

Commencement of the 2018 Croisement Festival in Yellow Crane Park

Part of the outdoor musical performances held on May 3

This year’s Croisements Festival pays tribute to French composer and pianist Claude Debussy. From May 12-27, there will be three concerts performed by pianists Hugues Leclere, Jean Francois Zygel, and Florian Noack at Qintai Concert Hall and Tanghu Theater.
Recital by renowned pianist Florian Noack

As in the past, a highlight of the festival is Music Days which will take place from June 16-23, 2018. Altogether, there will be about ten concerts to be held around Wuhan during the event, including Caidian District, and Hankou Riverside Park.
This year’s “Music Days” promises to be a memorable experience

The 15th Panorama of French Cinema will be held during the festival. An exhibition featuring posters of French films from different periods will be unveiled at Wuhan Tiandi.
15th Panorama du Cinéma français.

In addition, Snow, a drama adapted from Nobel prize winner Orhan Pamuk‘s novel of the same name, will be presented at Qintai Grand Theater on July 13 and 14.
A stage adaption based on award-winning work by Orhan Pamuk


1. Performances at the Yellow Crane Tower: 10:30-6:00,May 3-4/Yellow Crane Tower Park / 80 yuan for admission

2. Opus 7 – Circa Tsuica: May 11/ Wuhan Tiandi(plein air)

3. 15th Panorama of French Cinema: Jun 25 to July 8

4. Cinémathèque de Toulouse Exhibition: July-August/ Wuhan Tiandi

5. Piano recital by Florian Noack: 19:30, May 12/ Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre

6. Paul Lay Trio-The Party: 19:30, May 19/ Wuhan Tanghu Theatre

7. Debussymania: 21:00, May 21/ Wuhan Qintai Concert Hall

8. Serge Teyssot-Gay and Xie Yugang: May 25/ Vox Livehouse

9. Music festival: June 15-24

10. Snow: 19:30, July 13 and 14/ Wuhan Qintai Grand Theatre