Wuhan To Hong Kong In 270 mins!

Weekend getaways to Hong Kong, now only a train ride away!

Wuhan-Hong Kong high speed train trials kicked off at the beginning of April, with 33 pairs of long-distance trains opening direct routes between Hong Kong’s West Kowloon and 16 major cities in Mainland China. These new developments cut down both the time and money you’d spend, making weekend getaways a lot easier!
Previously, you would

  • Take the trainb from Wuhan to Zhenzhen. 5hrs
  • Go through customs clearance for about 40 minutes
  • Board a MRT and arrive in Hong Kong after 2hrs

Now, you can
Take a train from Wuhan to Guangzhou. 4 hrs
Board the Vibrant Express fast train to Hong Kong. 40 mins
Go through customs clearance in the Hong Kong Station. 15 mins 
You can take the Vibrant Express Train to Hong Kong at either Guangzhou or Shenzhen Futian Station:
Guangzhou-Kowloon West Station
48 mins
260 RMB  or
Shenzhen Futian Station-Kowloon West Station
14 mins
80 RMB

Once you’re at the West Kowloon Station:

  1. Disembark at the B4 Platform
  2. Go to the entry level B2 for China Mainland exit procedures
  3. Exit the “Mainland Port Area
  4. Enter the “Hong Kong Port Area” on the same floor (B2)
  5. Process Hong Kong entry procedures
  6. Exit West Kowloon Station and welcome to welcome to Hong Kong!


Entry-Exit Procedures now directly processed between Kowloon platforms B1-B4

When returning to Wuhan:

  1. Enter West Kowloon Station
  2. Have your ticket checked on the B1 Ticket Lobby
  3. Go directly to the B3 Departure Level for Hong Kong exit procedures
  4. Proceed to the “Hong Kong Port Area” and enter the “Mainland Port Area” on the same floor (B3)
  5. Complete Mainland immigration procedures on floor B3
  6. Descend to the B4 platform to enter the Guangshen-Hong Kong train
Estimated times it takes from other cities in China to Hong Kong