Something to Smile About: Free Family Dental Checkup in Wuhan!

There are many Stomatology/Dentistry clinics in Wuhan, but it is difficult to find one with an English service as a foreigner. I was referred by a friend to try Shine Dental Clinic. Now let me start by saying that I am not a fan of dentists, it is nothing personal and I know that dentists have fillings too.
My friend and I set an appointment for Sunday morning via WeChat. From the moment I walked into the clinic, I got a homely feeling. We arrived a little early and were served complimentary coffee while watching dental videos on a large screen.

Entrance to the clinic

Five minutes later, we were ushered to the second floor by a friendly dental hygienist and registered nurse who studied for five years in Singapore. There is a large screen next to the dentist chair and you are handed a remote to play a video or song, I promptly searched for Drake, and had my teeth cleaned to the sound of “Moment for Life”. The cleaning was painless and I was talked through every step. And as relaxing as it was, no, I did not wish that I could have this moment for life, for life, for life.
Views from the dentist chair.

Dental Cleaning was done by a Dental Hygienist. We were able to communicate perfectly in English. She was also very sweet and patient.

Next up was a dental x-ray that helps diagnose issues that are otherwise nearly invisible to the naked eye. I knew I had a problem with the alignment of my bottom teeth and it was refreshing to finally get a detailed explanation. Wendy who hails from Taiwan, is the manager of the clinic. She took her time to give us possible treatment plans and was transparent with the prices. Everything was laid out in front of us which I appreciated.
Dr. Gan Jun Jie (甘駿捷) examines my friend, Lali.

Fun fact: He is one of the first three Orthodontists that studied and introduced Invisalign to Wuhan

We finally moved to the last room to consult with Dr. Gan Jun Jie, an Orthodontist because my friend was interested in getting Invisalign.

Activity corner for children on the third floor

The clinic was a little busy that day but we did not feel neglected. They even had an adorable playing corner for young children while the parents got treatments.
Overall I give the clinic a 9 out of 10. I have been avoiding the fact that I have to extract my troublesome wisdom teeth and decided to set an appointment for next Friday because I was so pleased with the service and how thorough they are. The only con for me was that the clinic is a little far from the Wuchang side. I had to take the subway for almost an hour but it was worth the distance.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a once off discount for my first cleaning and I personally chose to write an honest review. All thoughts expressed are not associated with Wuhan Social and are herein my own.

Smile Dental is offering a free dental check up and X-ray scan until the 10th of May 2018. They are also offering 20% off a scaling treatment for the first 20 people who choose to get treatment. (original price is 380元).

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How do you get there?

Address: 晶美牙医湖北省武汉市江岸区解放南路342号
Closest Metro Station: 三阳路 San Yang Lu
Take Exit A and walk down San Yang Road road, then look for the Qiuchang Street Police Station. The clinic is on the right side.
Having a yearly dental check up is an important aspect of responsible preventive health care and ensuring your physical well-being regardless of where you choose to go to. Here is a mini guide to navigating dentists in China:

  • Request an X-ray (照片子 Pinyin: zhào piànzi)

  • Teeth Whitening (牙齿美白 Pinyin: yáchǐ měibái)

  • Teeth Cleaning (洗牙 Pinyin: Xǐ yá)

  • Check Up (牙科检查 Pinyin: Yákē jiǎnchá)

  • Tooth Cavity (牙腔 Pinyin:Yá qiāng)