A Brunch Bringing Visionary Women Together in Wuhan

Inspiring future leaders & fostering productive corporations among the women in Wuhan

It was a Saturday unlike any other. The 17th of March 2018 at the Show Coffee Private Room, where Verse Life gathered together the ladies of Wuhan to an eloquent networking brunch.
Hosted by Verse With A Purpose, which is one of the main branches of Verse Life Co. and spear-headed by the ever so charming Ms Pretty Buka though popularly known to most as MizBuka. Together with her friend Ms Tiffany Mushore in assistance with the decoration, planning and event organizing skills, lavished the room with food, presents and arrangements to welcome the ladies in participation.

LNB, hosted by Verse With a Purpose

The aim was to simply ignite Purpose in each one of the ladies lives by allowing them to network through sharing of ideas, experiences, teachings, encouragements and of course one on one chit chats with each other. Leading to building of business, clientele and relationships.
As the meeting began, two main points stood out: a desire to learn from fellow women and the desire to share what they too have learnt, therefore impacting and building each person present.
South African model and business lady Franklin Mokoena addressed attendees on the subject of “Building and Growing Your Craft”. She spoke to her eager audience with electrifying energy on the power of building what you have by nurturing & believing in it even though others don’t. Franklin went on to talk about her international modeling career and her beauty product brand “ Oena”.

certificate presentation to Ms Mokoena at the LNB

After Franklin, Ms Osa Evbuomwan spoke about the “Importance and Power of Networking”-all based on her experiences working with various companies such as Deloitte (USA). She stressed the importance of cultivating relationships through networking because you never know which relationship would open doors for your business and career.
During a follow-up Q&A, one attendee advised her peers to know and appreciate themselves as they pursue purpose in their various spheres.
The Ms Kathiana Malvoisim from Haiti continued the networking event with her talk on “Work Before Working”. Hers, just like Ms Evbuomwan, was mainly based on her personal experience.  From an early age, she has accomplished twice what most of her peers have and is passionate about whatever task is laid before her. Her heart’s principle is to serve where she is and work hard to ensure excellence is given regardless of how much pay is granted.

an attentive audience absorbing words of wisdom

Before the last speaker’s address, each lady was encouraged to write an idea that could develop unity and support among the International Women’s Community; an idea that would equally give back to people here in Wuhan.  After much brainstorming, an idea was chosen as well as plans for its for execution.
Finally, the bold and amiable Ms Loyka Senga-Bidie gave an inspiring talk on “Protecting and Guarding a Woman’s Reputation”. Hers talk was aimed at reminding each woman in the room of the importance of who we are as women, or Womb- Man as she put it. She further elaborated on how our aim as ladies pursuing various businesses isn’t to be big but good business ladies whose plan is to deliver excellence without bowing to societal shortcuts to get to the top. She ended her talk with a reminder to use our brains because what our minds can conceive can be turned into a reality.
Closing remarks from the host with Loyalty cards and goody bags brought the event to a close. For all the ladies in attendance, it was more than just a networking brunch.  Smiles of contentment, could testify as ladies left hand in hand infused with a new passion to impact and change not only their lives but the lives of others surrounding them.

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Article written by Chifungula Chikumbi