Los Pinches Wiros, Music and Brotherhood

By el Genio
Wuhan offers endless opportunities in a lot of fields, especially the artistic ones and punctually: the music.

From solo singers to bands, they all shared the different stages of this bohemian and unstoppable metropolis.

We are used to seeing cover bands, playing hits of renamed artists; that is how most of the bands start to conquer their audience at the nocturnal scenarios. Thanks to that we saw the birth of great bands like: The Hendrix, 2nd floor neighbors, Travellers, Drum Style Black Band, Frankenstein and the Guitar Factory, 4 Tune, Oracle, Reckless, TMG, Wraf! , Gravity hearts – Just to mention some of them. Some of the mentioned bands, were also projects of a mix of musicians from different bands.
Today, I want to focus in one particular group of musicians call: The Pinches Wiros. Andres A. (Jailon) and Andre T. (Gilipollas), were tired of playing covers of musical hits, they were searching for a more enjoyable and free way to do music. Between the two of them they agreed to meet in their rooms to “jam”, creating Aˆ2. Every jamming session was an opportunity to understand each other in music and enjoying the creation of new melodies in the air, recorded in a cellphone.
Later on, they invited me, Beto (El Genio). I can’t deny that I felt nervous the first time I jammed with them, even though we were band mates at the Travellers. Chord by chord all the nervous feeling became tranquility and freedom of musical expression.
One of those nights of jamming, it came to the conversation that if Andres and Andre were Aˆ2 , now, that there is more people how should we call ourselves? So we embraced the task of finding a new name for the band. A few suggestions came along but nothing seemed to work. We needed a word full of meaning but worthless, to describe our latin heritage and our position in this universe, we are all but nothing.  Between the laughs and jokes, we ended up with the words Pinches Wiros, which literally just mean “the fucking dudes”. “Pinches” is that meaningful and worthless word we were looking for but we also thought of something Latin American to describe ourselves as musicians, therefore the word “Wiros” which can be used to describe a certain musical instrument. Of course, first came the name – we laughed for at least 20 minutes – and then we tried to explain it.
We cooked melodies and laughs for about 1 year and a half, and finally decide to show ourselves to our beloved Wuhan, with a presentation at the Toucan Bar, releasing 3 compositions but also not common covers of music in Spanish.
We always knew that if we wanted to show our music, we had to find a fine percussionist; and time later we found James (Jaimito)
Let me know describe in few words the Pinches Wiros:
Andre T. (El Gilipollas) The Bolivian/Brazilian is one of the most recognized bass players in Wuhan. A very talented and different musician, he likes to play using phrases built in his brain, transforming the bass in not just the bumping heart of the band, but also into the soul. To understand those phrases could be challenging but also – once we get them – very satisfactory. Great person, best friend, Andre is always compromised with what he is doing.
Andres A. (El Jailon) born in Costa Rica, but Wuhanese by heart. Descendent of a family of musicians, every time he plays you can feel a guy takes it easy even the most challenging roads. He has impressed the public with his versatility. You can see him singing, playing guitar, bass, sax among other instruments. He is the one that gives the harmony to the band playing patiently behind to give all the melodic security the others need.  The just about to become a father, he is an awesome friend and partner.

James W. (El Jaimito) The Brazilian Gringo (American) is a virtuoso in the percussion and sound production, a real maestro in music and a skillful “gadget guy”. He takes the music seriously; watching him play gives you an idea of what a professional musician can do with just two sticks. He also is one of the most humble persons I’ve ever met.

Beto (El Genio). Bolivian, but Chinese by heart. The most musically uneducated in the band. I learnt how to play music by ear, listening to the old school Shakira, Ricardo Arjona and the ballads of my mom.  Approved the national conservatory exam twice and never actually joined it. Family guy, walker of this life path I chose.

Now that you know us, let’s enjoy a night of alternative Latin American music this Saturday, December 20th, at Toucan Bar, 9:00hrs.