3 Things you must do to survive summer in Wuhan

Firstly, congratulations to you for making it through this Winter in Wuhan! If all you have to show for making it through a colder than usual winter in Wuhan are a few empty medication cartons from a pharmacy, then you’re halfway through adapting to the ever-changing weather in Wuhan.

Summers in Wuhan are just as unfriendly as their frosty cousins-Winter. Wuhan is part of a small clique of Chinese cities dubbed the “seven furnaces”: cities well known for their blazing-hot Summer temperatures. Daily temperatures can hover around 40 degrees Celsius and the humidity will bully you into staying indoors more often. So, what can you do to get through a Summer in Wuhan?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

This point cannot be stressed enough! It is important that you keep taking in fluids throughout the day. You can go with the traditional recommended amount of eight glasses per day or simply drink whenever you feel thirsty. This isn’t limited to water, but medical advisors would recommend it ahead of sugary alternatives like coca-cola, coffee or Corona.

rehydrating with Nongfu Spring Water
a few glasses a day will keep the doctor away

However, do not drink tap water! Tap water in China is not safe for direct consumption. If you’re going to drink tap water make sure it has been boiled or purified first. Kettles are available in most supermarkets and water purifiers can be found online on sites like taobao.com for affordable prices.

In case you face any health-related emergencies, you can visit any one of the Wuhan hospitals that offer services in English: http://wuhansocial.com/healthcare-hospitals-with-english-service-in-wuhan/ .

Minimise outdoor activity

man drinking water in an umbrella-hat
re-hydrating in style

This might be a little bit difficult for students when Summer starts because of the on-going semester, but try not to wander around outside in the sun unless you really need to be out there. If you are going to be in the sun though, consider applying some sun-protection creams before heading outdoors. Again, supermarkets and online stores should have these products readily available. You could also carry your umbrella around or have a floppy Summer hat that covers your head, neck and most of your shoulders.
If you are going to be out and about, why not spend your time cooling off at a water park: http://wuhansocial.com/attractions-family-friendly-fun-in-wuhan/ .
Now is also a good time to get great deals on Summer clothing online, so fill up those taobao carts before prices go up.

Work-out a different exercise timetable

You should also consider revising your work-out schedule in ways that avoid peak heat periods like lunch time. Safer alternatives are early in the morning before a class or work, late afternoon as the sun-sets and in the evening.