Meet Yanso, the French hairdresser of Wuhan !

Spotlight on another expat's story !

If like me, you have been an expat in Wuhan for quite some time, you must have already faced some issues when it came to beauty care. Whether you are a boy or a girl, pollution, Chinese water and Wuhan food are factors that don’t really help feeling physically awesome all the time. Yet, Wuhan remains full of surprises, as long as you know where to look for them. Today, I’d like to introduce you to Yann aka Yanso, a French hairdresser who decided to establish his own hair studio in Wuhan.

Where It All Began

Yann grew up in a small village in the north of France and early in age, he showed a real interest in hairdressing. His parents were shopkeepers at that time and couldn’t stand seeing him going back to his hairdresser because he believed his hair was not done right.

Yanso in 1983

Cosmetics are a very specialized sector which often demands to fit in the box. But Yann never forgot who he was and kept respecting his “outsider” personality while studying hairdressing in a professional high school in Lille, France.

Opening His First Studio

Day after day, his passion for faces grew up with him, leading him to one of the most luxurious French hairdressing salon chains, “Jacques Dessange”. After working there for ten years and after a year of management training, Yann decided to open his first hair studio in the north of France in 1994.

1994: The opening of his first hair studio in France !

The study of faces has always taken an important part in his life. It’s in Paris that Yann met Marc Dugast, a hairdresser and morpho-pshycologist who will support him in the writing of a thesis about face shapes and its consequences on hairdressing.

A Passion Among Others

Yann had other passions besides faces. Fan of motorbike since always, Yann has always been interested in Asia and especially China. That desire of working there remained vivid until the day he made the decision to give it a try.

Yann and China: a Love Story !

Following his dream led Yann to many challenges and obstacles. Things didn’t always go according to plan but with patience and dedication, he finally succeeded opening his own business. Supported by Chinese friends, he arrived here in order to find a nice location and decided to establish his first studio on Xibeihu in Hankou.

If expats were his first clients, soon, Chinese people saw in his skills and the quality of his imported products a real change in comparison with Chinese hairdressers.

Yann’s first Chinese customer

What About Now

A few months after his business was fully established, Yann met a Chinese beautician with whom he decided to become associates. With the same idea of providing high quality services to customers, Sandy has now filled another missing part in Wuhan: depilation. After receiving a full training by a Russian beautician, she is now using her high proficiency products for the joy of her clients who so far, couldn’t find anything suitable.

Sandy, the Chinese beautician who came to rescue expats !

Last month, Yann and Sandy decided to open another hair studio and beauty salon in Hanyang, close to the French street in order to please the different communities living near the American and French schools.
The new hair studio in Hanyang

Yann’s expertise goes beyond hairdressing. The pieces of advice he will give you will be only based on a professional analysis of the shape of your face. This kind of skills and knowledge is rare in China, which is why you should give it a try.

Never forget that the right haircut may change the way you see yourself.

By following their passions, Yann and Sandy show us that everything is possible in China, as long as you are dedicated, inspired and patient. All we can wish them both is a bright future and a long success in the capital of Hubei.