Warm Up Your Summer Body: Cool Activities To Get Your Heart Racing

Wuhan Social's pick of Summer activities in Wuhan

I think it’s safe to declare Wuhan’s 2016-17 Winter season officially over!  So with Summer around the corner, some of you may be wondering what you could do to get yourselves prepared physically. Or, you could just be looking for some sporty activities to keep you busy in this fun, friendlier weather. Wuhan Social has picked out a few fun activities around the city that may be worth checking out.


Not one of the most popular sports in China but still a great way to stay in shape. For those not familiar with the Golf, it’s a sport in which you swing a metallic or wooden L-shaped instrument at a small, circular ball. When played on a golf course, the goal is to sink a ball into small holes around a course after hitting the ball as few times as possible while avoiding objects in and around the course (mainly trees and water).

Luke Byren in Wuhan tiyuxeuyuan
an instructor showing a student how its done

A simpler form of this sport is in a golf range, where all you need to do is swing and hit a golf ball as far and as hard as you can. If this sounds like your thing, then visit the Wuhan Sports University Golf Training Course.
-Open on weekdays from 5pm-9pm and 11am-8.30pm on weekends.  A basket of golf balls can be rented for 50 RMB and golf clubs will cost you 10 RMB. An additional 10 RMB is needed to pay for your time there.

Contact: 027-87190005

Address: 武汉体育学院内


Table Tennis

Hanfeng table tennis in Wuhan
multiple tables, endless fun

Grab a friend and head on over to Hanfeng Table Tennis (汉风乒乓). The place is open daily from 9.30am-9pm. Take advantage of the affordable 29 RMB package and duel with a friend to your heart’s content.

Contact: (+86) 18607166610

Address: 钟家村汉商银座知音站台5楼(钟家村地铁B出口)


Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is a sport where one attempts to climb a steep wall lined with artificial or real rocks. People can either be suspended from safety equipment or they can try making their way up without equipment. The sport becomes competitive when people race each other to the top of a wall or take on the challenge of climbing the highest wall around. Rock climbing is also a test of endurance, as your body is put through the strain of balancing and making constant adjustments to move from one position to the next.

Hanfeng rock climbing
rock-on dude!

If this is your kind of thing then check out the Cai Hong Rock Climbing Club. For 72 RMB, you get to learn the basics of this sport in a safe and friendly environment (safety and climbing equipment included). Note that appointments need to be made at least 12 hours before coming.
The rock climbing club opens daily from 9.30am-8.30pm.

Contact: (+86) 15107110001

Address: 钟家村汉商银座知音站台5楼(钟家村地铁B出口)


Horse Riding

horse riding in Wuhan
one horse power

If you’re up for more up-beat fun, visit Oriental Horse (东方马城) and learn how to ride horses in a safe and friendly environment.
-Appointments need to be made two days before coming
-Only people aged 4-60 can ride the horses
The place is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9am-4pm, with different riding packages on offer. A 45 minute ride around a circular track will cost you 399 RMB. Riding lessons are also available.

Contact 027-83912121 for any further queries and to set an appointment.

Address: 金银湖金南一路1号(近金银湖高尔夫球场)



PinkDoDo yoga
PinkDoDo Dance and Fitness center

Yoga is a physical, mental and spiritual set of practices seen by many as having a positive influence on the body and the mind. A common misconception is that the practice of yoga is limited to one gender. Boys, girls, men and women of all ages have and continue to try it out with immeasurable short and long term benefits.
PinkDoDo Yoga cente timetable
PinkDoDo Dance & Fitness center timetable

The PinkDoDo Dance and Fitness center welcomes anyone interested in learning and practicing yoga. It opens daily from 10am-10pm and classes range from 80-90 RMB.

Contact: (+86) 13871562031

Address: ​汉口西北湖,地铁王家墩东,C2出口,同成广场a座3单元31楼3103

Alternatively, you can follow an official account called 每晚瑜伽 on We Chat and try a 25 day yoga challenge.


What better way to spend your hot Summer days than deep in a swimming pool or lying by a pool-side.

swimming club pool
Hongjing Longhua Private Swimming Fitness Club

Visit the Hongjing Longhua Private Swimming Fitness Club (虹景龙华游泳健身私人会所) in Optics Valley. Open from Monday to Friday between 2pm-9pm and on Saturdays from 10am-9pm.
Between Monday and Friday before 5pm, you can swim for as long as you wish for 45 RMB. Swimming after 5pm and on weekdays and on Saturday will cost you 90 RMB. Remember to bring your own towels and swimsuits.

-Exercise caution at all times in a swimming area. If you know you are not a good swimmer, avoid the deep ends of a swimming pool.

Address: 关山口虹景花园A区虹景酒店

Contact:(+86) 13628619321