A Conversation with Wuhan's Leading Musical Entrepreneur

Entering a foreign city, one loses many points of contact that they had back home. Among these is music. Finding relatable music in a crowded grey city is daunting, and many of us eventually give up on searching locally for fresh beats. But do not despair, this article opens a window to the life of David M Doglo, a phenomenal musician who has made Western Hip-Hop work in this oriental jungle.

Plato said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” Music has the power to make us smile and bring us to all types of tears. It can carry us back in time and inspire us to dance in the moment. For all our happiest and/or saddest days there is music. Finding this outlet is essential – especially in a foreign city. As such, I am honored to promote the works of local Wuhanese melomaniac David M. Doglo, the founder of the DMD MUSIC LABEL.



DMD MUSIC (abbreviated french for ‘To Ask for the Music’) was founded in January 2013 and has several offices scattered around Wuhan. The company has multifunctional sub departments including a record label, talent agency, touring event and a clothing line. At the moment, the company is in partnership with globalized enterprises such as Electronic Device Cooperation, UK MAGIC and BLVCK MAGIC.

  • Why do you feel the music industry is the place for you?
    • It is one way for me to express myself and touch the souls of many people.
  • What first got you interested in music to begin with? And how did you discover your passion?
    • Honestly I am a fan of music; I feel it, live with it. It has been in me since I was born. I didn’t discover my passion, it is the passion which discovered me, I just feel it, and it is all about the feeling that comes from my heart.
  • What are some of your strengths in music?
    • Good hearing (attention), consistence, authority, responsibility and respect.
  • What triggered such a provocative name such as DMD Music A.K.A Ask for the Music?
    • Simply, the label is keen on giving you what you want; keen on giving you that kind of good music you always want to keep up with.
  • Can you tell me some of your past accomplishments in the music industry?
    • All Star Entertainment Award Winner in the category of Best Music Producer in 2015. I have done a lot for music since 2004; I have three albums and one mix tape. I have produced over 200 songs from 2013 – 2017. I have signed four artists with my label in China, three in Nigeria and four in Benin Republic. They are all working on their albums and me too on my fourth album now.
  • What other producers, songwriters and/or artists do you see as your primary inspiration?
    • No one inspires me in this game since the time I started. I just follow my intuition, I follow my heart. I listen to your music if it is good and I feel it I can even share to support you. I see the quality first, if the quality is not good for me, I don’t even continue with the listening and for me music doesn’t have a language.
  • What exactly is distinctive about DMD music?
    • The quality of my music production and I take every detail into consideration.
  • What can you tell me about your first album, the project called ‘RAP GYM KINGS?’
    • Rap Gym Kings (RGK) is a freestyle session concept series which was open to all talented MCs, musicians and rappers as a platform through which their pure art could be expressed.
  • Is there an artist you want to work with that you haven’t had a chance to work with yet?
    • No. I don’t have a dream about working with any artist. If you feel my work and you want to work with me that is fine. My big dream in music was to sign myself and I DID IT.
  • What can we expect from DMD music in 2017?
    • Soon the label will drop 3 mix tapes with different local artists in Wuhan. You can see my pyro music page on www.pyromusic.cn and other international platforms. DMD is giving the most of it already in 2017, if you want to see the news just go straight to www.dmdmade.com, you can get anything you want there.
  • Do you have advice for any young people who want to become ‘genre’ producers?
    • For young people who want to become music producers, they need to be careful about their hearing, put more attention on what they are doing and feel their work. They should also share with other producers for advice before releasing, because… ‘If it goes bad, you can’t take it back’. #dmdmusic
  • What do you like to do for fun outside of working on music?
    • I’m a fan of football, I like to travel, I like to walk while listening to music. I’m also a fan of fashion; ‘BLVCK MAGIC’ is my Clothing Brand.
  • What platforms do you use to market your music? How widely known is it so far?
    • iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Tidal, Sound cloud and my own website. It’s growing fast.
  • Have you worked in past studios? Where?
    • Yeah, 2008 I worked with Method Production in Togo.
    • 2012, I worked in Zone Art Music Production and Elshadai Studio in Benin.
    • 2013, I was with Ferox Music in Benin and No Fear records in Wuhan, China.
  • Where do you see yourself and/or your label in three years?
    • Way far from where I am now. Just wait and see…

David M. Doglo started working as a DJ. His first major success came with the rap group SYSTEME-X, and he followed this up with his first solo album in 2008, ‘ATTENTION A TOI’. In 2012 he released his second album, ‘MERCI MAMAN’ – a way of thanking his mother for the gift of l. His third album, ‘RAP GYM KINGS’ dropped in December 2016. RAP GYM KINGS was dedicated towards guiding underground artists to not only put themselves on the map, but also their nationalities.
I cannot recommend DMD MUSIC enough. Finding this amount of passion in a single professional working in a field is rare in of itself. Let alone a musician in a foreign city.
For more information you can follow DMD MUSIC on the following:

  • Instagram: dmd_music
  • Twitter: dmdofficiel/musicdmd
  • Facebook: dmdmusik