6 Ideal Trips to Enjoy Your Holidays/Weekends in and around Hubei

Introducing some must visit tourist spots in and around Hubei province! Most just take one day (including traveling and visiting) meaning that you can organize them on any week-day or weekend. No need to wait for the holidays anymore! Depending on the amount of free time you have, you can do a one-day trip or you could extend it by a few days. Wuhan Students Travel has already been to these places and would like to share its experiences.

1One Day Trip To Xianning 咸宁

2One Day Trip to Mulan木兰天池

Mulan Mountain is one of the most sought for tourist attractions in and surrounding Wuhan City. It is almost 80 Kilometers from Wuhan City. A lot of trekking awaits you at this point along with other adventurous activities like river crossing on ropes, rope climbing, strenuous army exercises and balloon surfing in lake. Besides this, one also has the choice to try grass-sliding, rope sliding and take a cruise ship journey.

Solo Adventure Tips:

It is located east bank of Xianhe, 30 kilometers north of Huangpi Area.

How to Get There?
1. Take Tourist Special Bus Line 1 at the Wuhan Long-distance Bus Station. It will take you directly to get to the foot of Mulan Mountain and the Mulan Lake Holiday Resort. The bus departs from 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning. You should pay 16 Yuan for a one way trip. 2. You can take a bus at Hankou Long-distance Bus Station in Xinhua Road at 7:50 a.m., and then transfer to a medium-sized bus. It will take you to get to Mulan Mountain too. The place is about an hour’s drive away and entrance tickets cost 85 RMB per person.

Ticket Price:
The Religious Pilgrimage Area: 30 RMB The Stone Scenic Area: 10 RMB; The Wind Tunnel: 5 RMB; The labyrinth area: 5 RMB; The ropeway: 35 RMB


3Day Trip to Yichang (Qinjiang)宜昌清江画廊

Qingjiang gallery is a scenic area located in Yichang with a 5-star rating in scenic spots. It covers a vast area and the administration has named it one of the four big tourist scenic spots in the Hubei province. Apart from enjoying the beautiful scenery, you can cruise on the ships and boats in the vast lakes.
-No trains available to this location. Private cars or buses will need to be hired.

4One Day Skiing Trip-大别山

Da bie shan(大别山), located in Anhui province provides you a wonderful opportunity to go skiing and that also about 4-5 hours’ bus journey from Wuhan. The skiing resort is usually occupied by a lot of tourists but it is a truly wonderful and enjoyable experience, especially once you start getting the practical know-how of skiing. You fall hundreds of times but don’t feel low at all because the joy of skiing is lot more than all the regrets for failing each time.

5One Day Trip to Luotian罗田

Luotian glass bridge
glass bridge in Luotian
Philosopher's Peak, Luotian
Philosopher’s Peak, Luotian

Luotian is a great place with highly exhaustive trekking, cable cars, world’s longest elevator and glass walkway. With almost 3 hours bus journey, Luotian is located at the border of Hubei and Anhui province. The cable cars give you a whole overview of the mountains surrounding the place while glass walkway affords one with the opportunity to test one’s daring abilities. The glass elevator takes you down in seconds while giving you the view of the places below. Luotian so far has been the most successful place in our tour list.

Solo Adventure Tips:

How to Get There?
Take the bus from Xinrong Long Distance Bus Station to Luotian. After that, hire a taxi or private car to the scenic area.

6Huangpi Trip 黄皮木兰胜

One of the most adventurous trips is to Huangpi, close to 2 hours by bus from Wuhan. With activities ranging from Black Ditch rock climbing, Love Peak Rock Climbing, Double Walking Wire, bamboo boat and bamboo raft. There are also activities around a suspension bridge, Ruan Bridge, booms and swings, glass sliding and water flying cable. Huangpi is a perfect place for adventurous people.
Credit to Wuhan Students Travel for the article and pictures