Something is broken? Wechat can help!

Hello there! It’s been awhile…
It is a normal phenomena for things to break during their service no matter whether you live in China or anywhere else, nothing is eternal.However, in China such things might happen more often than anywhere else because China in many cases is still pursuing fast&cheap strategy which reflects on the things that are being manufactured here. Fast&cheap doesn’t always mean good so we need to keep that in mind and be ready to face problems. So today I will teach you how to call for a repair service using Wechat.
You can find the repair services same way as we did it in cleaning services: Wechat-Me-Wallet-Home Services and select the second button in the second row of the upper panel – “维修服务”(Repair Services).

After that you will find yourself in the menu of different kinds of repair services for your home – they cover everything, starting from your pipeline and finishing with your phone.
Below are the images with translations to help you choose the right kind of the repair services:
1st page of the slider

2nd page of the slider

3rd page of the slider

As you can see the variety of services is suitable for any kind of emergency in your life. Now we only need to choose what do we need to fix, let’s say your pipeline needs to be unblocked. In Repair services menu we go to Pipeline clearing (管道疏通).

In the opened menu you will see a lot of companies suggesting pipeline services:

Choose the service you need and click on it. In the opened window click a big red button to make an appointment

Then you will need to fill in the information about you:

After filling all the information you can proceed to payment through Wechat.
It is important to notice that Wechat suggests a huge variety of services and we might not be able to cover them all, so if you have questions specifically on your case. Leave a comment,  I will be glad to guide you through your case.