My 3 Hours of Volunteering In The Metro Station

Volunteering in Wuhan's Metro Station in Exchange of Smiles, "NiHao" and Selfies.

New in china or not, I’m pretty sure you all know Yang LeiFang, if not by name his pictures probably is very familiar to you with posters of him monopolizing the walls of the city, with his distinguished hat, LeiFang being the image of kindness and uprightness, generous in helping those in distress, the perfect Samaritan, so you would understand my interest when I saw that LeiFang Association was recruiting volunteers, having activities that varies from teaching young kids from unfortunate families to helping passengers with their luggage at HanKou railway station.

On the 13th March the Metro services partnered with the association for an operation called: 3 HOURS OF HELP IN THE METRO, calling volunteers all around Wuhan and all ages. The concept is simple: I had to remind the passengers the stay in line and wait, had to yell 先下后上, uncertain if they would understand my laowai accent so they will wait till every other passenger had got off the train to get in it. I was vey perplex in the beginning thinking how the hell is this beneficial to me as a volunteer or to them as passengers, it doesn’t … Until I realized a subtile behavioral change, they were actually waiting, but the most important was the interactions with the people, we exchanged smiles and some “nihaos”, I even had my time to shine with everyone taking pictures, guess who’s gonna be the next star on their WeChat moments? But I also got some genuine handshakes for helping with a heavy luggages, I felt the gratitude of being a good citizen no matter where I was from.

I was part of the Wuhan society, doing my best to be a role model for the younger generations and realizing that everyone of us matters. As you know sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life , that difference is how we put an impact on the world , wuhan different everyday, ok that was cheesy, but what the hell, it feels good to be good!