Cupcake Queen:1000 cupcakes in 24 hrs.

Rise of a cupcake pioneer in Wuhan.

I was very excited to grab an interview with the Cupcake Queen of Wuhan. But before we get into the interview I want to tell you who she is and why her cupcakes mean so much to me.

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The genius behind the healthy and attractive cupcakes is Mesmire .E. Wilson. She is originally from Cameroon with a kind and cheerful personality befitting of a queen. Preferred to be described as an international diplomat, the young entrepreneur has tolerance and patience for people of various cultures and backgrounds. I personally experienced this while preparing for a surprise birthday celebration. A close friend recommended her services and noted that she was the best at making cakes in Wuhan. Not only was Mesmire patient and calm in getting every little detail about the cake accurate but the delivery was on time and the cake tasted just as imagined. The cake took me back to the days I spent with my grandmother in the countryside. Sweet memories of my grandmother in the kitchen baking cookies, brownies and cakes began to flood my mind. This was the only cupcake in Wuhan that made me nostalgic about my relatives, so when I was tasked to interview this talented baker I felt honoured.
Vanilla Fuchsia Cupcakes and White Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day 2017

During our interview in the small cosy cafe of her school, she shared that baking has always been her passion. In her childhood days, Mesmire was mesmerized by the famous cooking shows on television namely Cake Boss and Master Chef. Seeing the delicious dishes being produced on live television sparked a curiosity inside her. This curiosity was the beginning of countless experiments to perfect what was seen on the shows. The more the experiments continued the better she got at reproducing it to the shows equivalent. There was a particular interest on items baked. “With an oven; a dish goes in one way and 45 mins later comes out finished. This is more exciting than frying food” she said.
Mesmire.E.Wilson, owner of Cupcake Queen with her CQ Christmas cake (2016)

After perfecting the experiments, Mesmire started to make cakes for friends and family at various birthday and social events. Her popularity and confidence grew from baking for such events within her familiar circle. Although she was a more poised baker, her progress was not as expected due to unavailability of cake utensils in her country.

“Remember to always smile.”- Mesmire Wilson.

In 2013, the go-getting entrepreneur came to China to further her studies and shortly afterwards continued doing what she loved best, baking. With her delightful recipes, availability of numerous cake utensils and strict method of mixing, baking,cooling and frosting she quickly became a close ally to food lovers.

One of Cupcake Queen’s first birthday cakes in Wuhan. It was a double layered chocolate cake with green frosting in the middle. The marshmallows on top corresponds to the customer’s age.

One of her friends for life, Jernienne of Antigua and Barbuda, was so impressed by her food that she bought Mesmire an oven as a present and encouraged her to bake as a business. This was a new venture for Mesmire since she was accustomed to cooking for a small group and for FREE. Motivated by the friend’s belief and previous compliments from family members, the owner launched “What The Peep! Oops! Damn Right Bakery” in 2015. The name of the bakery came from the most frequent words used by herself, roommate and best friend Jernienne.
A birthday cake customized from a customer’s drawing

The bakery was not an immediate success and failed to gain notoriety amongst foreigners. This did not deter the business woman and she continued to bake and promote her business. During this period she received an order to make 1000 cupcakes for an event. Time to complete the cupcakes was limited so the sedulous baker worked overtime and made 1000 cupcakes in 24 hours. From this feat she got the name Cupcake Queen. A name so famous that it became the new title of her bakery, Cupcake Queen.
Cakes ready to be shipped out of Wuhan

The business has now expanded to make doughnuts, ginger bread cookies, brown sugar cookies and brownies. Recently they have added mini and mini mini cupcakes to the collection. The mini versions are ideal for distributing at student events because they are low cost, easy to share and saves time when compared to cutting a regular cake.
CQ stands for The Cupcake Queen

The Cupcake Queen is a positive individual who is always happy to serve customers and has a dream of serving her cupcake love to the world at large.Cupcakes are made into a fantasy land where a customer can dream something impossible and with one touch of the Queen’s magic wand the dream is made into reality.

The Cupcake Queen can be contacted via WeChat. Please scan the QR code below:-