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The journey of an artist studying medicine

Imagine for a moment Wuhan without Art and Culture. Without music, cinema, dance, paintings, sculptures and poetry. Wuhan would be a very dull place devoid of imagination. Iyada Designs in Wuhan creates art which challenges the way we look at the world. The artist forces us to ask questions and to reflect on things not only as they are but as they could or should be.

Safe and Warm, Acrylic on canvas, 50cm*60cm (2016)

Jolyon King, owner of Iyada Designs is an ambitious entrepreneur with a desire to make a difference through his art. He was born in the tropical country of Guyana. Guyana is a soverign state on the northern mainland of South America. The country’s rich cultural heritage has influenced the artistic drive in this young man.
Map of Guyana

In 2011, he graduated from the Burrows School of Art which is a prestigious Art School in his country. At the Art School, he began to develop his skills in oil painting realism. Techniques that would prove beneficial years later.
Fearless, Watercolour, 40cm*30cm (2014)

The following year the artist came to China to pursue a Medical Degree at Tongji Medical College in Wuhan. Despite pursuing an assiduous medical degree, his love for art never died. It continued to grow day by day. His creative power came from everything within the environment including the social problems of the society.
Jolyon King, owner of Iyada Designs preparing for an Art class at Home Yard Studio.

Speaking with the future doctor,he explained that every object or person has a unique story that they would like to share with the world. It was his responsibility to be their voice and share their message with others. This message was usually one of love, hope and peace. True art he says is essentially timeless, while being at least partially a reference to where we were, historically and culturally, when it was made. Art exists because it has value. A viewer sees something desirable or intriguing reflected in it. Good art is a rare commodity. People are trained in all aspects of life to produce commodities; the best produce them well and define themselves by what they produce.
Latin America Artist Residence Program 2016, Zhangjiajie

Most of the scholar’s leisure time was used to work on new pieces of art. His room is like his workshop where brushes,pencils, and paper are harmonised to create his masterpieces. Some of the Art pieces were exhibited at Magic and Reality Contemporary Art Exhibition and Tour of World Art in Shanghai and Beijing respectively.
Beijing Art Exhibition; Magic and Reality Latin America and the Caribbean

Iyada Designs was created to brand and commercialise his works. The name Iyada was coined from the businessman’s middle name written backwards, Jolyon Adayie King. Iyada was formed as an expression of love and inner beauty. Its a poetic story that tells a tale to the determining eyes. Initially the paintings focused on an abstract expression and contemporary critique.
Iyada Designs Portraits

Iyada Designs Portraits

As a result of the high demand for portraits in Wuhan, the owner had a bull’s eye approach on making watercolour and charcoal portraits under the Iyada brand. Collaborations are also made with other skilled artists to improve efficiency and quality to customers. The portraits emulate each customer by depicting the beauty of their soul. It is born of and advocates freedom into a place where everything is limitless. Opportunities, chances, potentials, possibilities and prospects are unlimited. Thus forging a way to go beyond the possible and into the sphere of the plausible.
Mother and son portrait by Iyada Designs

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