How to charge your subway card using WeChat

Learn how to charge your transportation card from the sofa, you only need WeChat!

How many times have you been moving around with your jeans pocket full of one kuai bills for the bus and an empty and useless transportation card in your wallet? It has happened to me countless times, just because I didn’t have the time to stop and recharge it. But not anymore! Wuhan Social brings you the final step-by-step guide to learn how to charge it with your phone!
To follow this easy guide you’ll only need a phone that supports NFC (check in your phone settings and turn it on), WeChat Wallet, and, of course, your transportation card. IPhone users be careful! This trick won’t work in an IPhone, its NFC is only suitable for Apple Pay!

  • Step 1: Enable NFC

Pay a visit to your phone settings and search for NFC, it should be near your connection or wireless settings. Once you’ve turned it on, open your WeChat and enable it there too. To do it you just need to go to ‘Me’, ‘Settings’ and ‘General’ and look for ‘Enable NFC’.

If you can’t find the NFC in your phone settings is possible that your phone doesn’t allow it, if you could find it there but not on WeChat make sure it’s on and that your Wechat version is up to date.

  • Step 2: Scan it!

Once everything is enabled and set to go take your transportation card and hold it to the back of your phone. Make sure WeChat is open while you do this and remove any phone case to facilitate the card reading.
If WeChat recognizes that you’re trying to scan a card but can’t identify it this screen will appear.

This is a good sign don’t worry! Just keep scanning your card and eventually the transportation card site will load. This page will show your balance, card number and the amounts you can charge. If all this doesn’t appear, scan it again.

Remember to double check your card number to make sure it’s correct!

  • Step 3: Pay

This part works like the Mobile Top Up, just select the amount you want to charge to your card, select the payment method and enter your password to complete the transfer. A screen with the payment confirmation should pop up, tap `Done`.

You’ll need to confirm your charge once more, place your card on the back of your phone again and wait for three dots on the bottom of the page to change colour. A new page will load. Then you can review if all the information appearing there is correct and you’ll just have to tap on the green button to confirm your top up.

Congratulations! You did it! You’ll be back to card management site so you can check your new balance.