Simple way to Hire Cleaning Lady for your Appartment

Some more useful options on Wechat

We have already taught you how to buy movie tickets, train tickets and do other things on wechat, but there are still some feature we would like to share with you to make your life much easier.
Step 1. Open Wechat, click on “Me” button in the lower panel and choose “Wallet”in the list;
Step 2. Slide down to the end of the page and right in the center you will find “Home services”;
Step 3. You will find yourself in menu full of Chinese letters, but don’t get scared, I’m here to guide you; 😀
Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

1. Cleaning service

Some of us lead a very busy life and sometimes don’t have enough time to clean the apartment, Wechat has the solution for it as well. You can book a cleaning service and a maid will come to help you with your household chores.
To book a cleaning service in “Home services” menu you need to click on the very first button of the first raw which says “日常保洁” (“Everyday cleaning”).

After you click on that button the system will lead you to the page with the explanation of the services.

The price scale goes according to the hour rate:
2 hours – 70 rmb
2,5 hours – 85 rmb
3 hours – 90 rmb
Press the big red button to book the service, after you do it the system will lead you to the page where you need to fill the information – your address and time, don’t choose the last two options.

You can choose the date and time for booking in the table below.

The table below shows approximate time for different apartments:

1-roomed apartment – 2-3.5 hours
2-roomed apartment – 3-4.5 hours
3-roomed apartment – 4-5.5 hours
4-roomed apartment – more than 5 hours
After you chose the time you can proceed to payment.

And you pay by Wechat as yo do with train or movie tickets.
Important note: If you don’t speak Chinese you might need help of Chinese friends while booking or after it.

2.Moving truck service 

Moving truck crevice is a very important option for our life if you have a lot of stuff, you never know when you will need to move, but better know how to do it properly without spending a lot of time and effort. So now I’m going to explain you how to book a truck using Wechat.
In “Home services” menu click the third button of the second raw in the upper panel, which says “搬家” (“moving service”).

After that you will see the menu consisting of two options, to book a truck we will need to click a second one.

Important note: You need to book the truck at least 24 hours before the moving day,  otherwise your booking may not be accepted!
After clicking the second option in menu, you will see three kinds of vehicles fr moving services that you can book:

1st – a small micro bus that can move 10 carton boxes, doesn’t accept washing machines,air conditioners, fridges and other big household appliances.
2nd – a car that can move 15 carton boxes and 1 washing machine, cannot move  air conditioners, fridges, cylindrical washing machines.
3rd – a truck that can move all big furniture and household appliances.
Choose the vehicle according to your load, after that click on it, the system will send you to another menu where you will need to fill in the time of moving, the address where they will need to pick up your things and, the address of the place you move to and your phone number.

When you choose time, the system shows you the time when the car is variable, so you will have to choose from suggested options.

The place of your current stay and the place where you are moving to have the same forms for filling.

Important note: Your address must be written in Chinese! 
After you finish filling the forms, press big red button in the lower part to proceed.
Important note: After you proceed the system might ask you to register in the system of website, because the services are provided by this website, you only need to input your phone number to receive the code and input it in the field, after that you will be able to proceed to the order and payment. 

Important note: If you don’t speak Chinese it’s better to have one of your Chinese friends around, so that they could help you when the company will call and when the car will arrive.   
Good luck! Next time I will teach you how to book repairing service and washing windows! 🙂