Online ticketing now available for the Wuhan metro

At some subway stations in Wuhan, the online ticketing through mobile phones has been available, and which are expected to be deployed to all the subway stations by this September, said local media on February 16, 2017.

At present, passengers could purchase Wuhan subway tickets on line in three ways: Cityline App(购票通), Wechat Account “Intelligence Metro”(智慧地铁生活), and Alipay. After online ticketing, the ticket could only be consumed at the station where be collected on the day of purchase. The single ticket is not refundable, a subway station staff introduced.

Now, 61 machines for retrieving tickets have been allocated in 27 subway stations, two in most of the general stations and four in each railway station and interchange station. By the end of September, all 135 stations of Metro Line 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 will be equipped with the machines.

Online ticketing now available at:

Metro Line 1: Zhuyehai Station, Zongguan Station, Xinrong Station, Hangkoubei Station

Metro Line 2: Guangbutun Station, Zhongnan Road Station, Jianghan Road Station, Xinlimen Station, Zhongshan Park Station, Hankou Railway Staion, Julong Boulevard Station, Tianhe Airport

Metro Line 3: Dongfeng Motor Company, Zongguan Station, Wuhan CBD Station

Metro Line 4: Wuhan Railway Station, Chu River and Han Street Station, Wangjiawan Station

Metro Line 6: Garden Expo Park, Wuhan Polytechnic University, Tangjiadun Station, Xianggang Road Station, Jianghan Road Station, Liuduqiao Station, Wuhan International Expo Center Station, Hangzheng Street Station, Wusheng Road Station