How to use MoBike and Ofo Bike

Riding a bike through the city can be a great option to avoid immense traffic jams or simply to exercise a bit. Wuhan offers two options when it comes to “public bikes”: MoBike and Ofo Bike. They both work in a similar way, here we’ll show you how to use them.

  1. Download the app and sign up. You’ll need your phone number and a verification code in both apps, and for MoBike you will also have to fill in your name and a photo of your passport and of yourself holding the passport (open on the information page).
  2. Make a deposit. MoBike requires users to make a fully refundable RMB299 deposit via WeChat or Alipay. After that, renting a bike is only RMB1 per half hour – unless you take the bike out of the designated city zone, at which point the fee increases to a steep RMB100 per half hour. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the zone (delineated by a red line on the app’s map) so you don’t accidentally cross outside Mobike’s territory and rack up a fine. For Ofo the deposit (also fully refundable at any time) is of only RMB 99 and you will have to pay RMB 1 for every 1km, however the APP gives many coupons for new users so basically you can use it for free at the beginning.
    • Come to this point, Ofo will ask you to introduce the same personal details needed for MoBike previously: Name (if you’re Chinese you’ll need to input your ID number, but there’s a “I don’t have a Chinese ID” option t the bottom of the page for expats), passport info and the same two photos you needed for the other one.
  3. Locate a bike near you. Give the app access to your location and they will both let you know how many bikes you have near. MoBike will actually tell you the location of the bike, you have to click on it in the map and select “reserve”, you then have 15 minutes to walk to that bike and unlock it. Ofo will tell you the quantity of bikes nearby but won’t display the location of the bikes, you’ll have to find them yourself.
  4. Unlock the bike. Once you spot the bike you’ll need to unlock it in order to use it. With MoBike you’ll just have to use the app to scan the QR code located between the bike’s handlebars. The lock should click open. For Ofo you’ll have to click the black button “ 立即用车” to scan the QR code on the bike, then you’ll need to input the bike number, the app will show a password to open the lock – you’re all set to ride!
  5. Park and lock the bike. When you’re done riding, return the bike to a proper place (that means “the white bicycle parking lines on the sidewalk, or a bike parking coil” as stated by Mobike’s official user guide.If there are no white lines near you, park the bike in a location that does not obstruct traffic. Never park it in an apartment complex, underground or in a private bicycle park). After that, you’ll just need to lock it and walk away! If you’re using MoBike pull the lever that snaps the lock into place to end your session; if Ofo, terminate the trip on the app and lock the bike manually.

Congratulations!! You’ve completed your first ride with success!