20 Western Medicines available in Wuhan's Pharmacies

Many foreigners come to Wuhan and are faced with the challenge of finding good medicines at the pharmacy. Either because they cannot speak the language or simply have no previous knowledge about the drugs available. This article aims to make finding over the counter drugs much easier for everyone.

Pain and Fever

The most common groups of pain relievers are acetaminophen and non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). Most OTC pain relief drugs contain one or the other.


司百得 (Sī bǎi de)
Price: ~ 40 yuan


芬必得 (Fēn bìděi)
Price: ~ 27 yuan


Cold is a milder respiratory ilness when compared with the flu. It usually begins with sore throat and can continue with nasal symptoms, runny nose and congestion.


奥肯能 (Ào kěn néng)
Price: ~ 30 yuan


Fēnghán gǎnmào kēlì
Price: ~10 yuan


Most of the time coughs can be managed by taking over the counter medicines which remove potential allergens. Cough medicines available are for persons who are coughing with mucus (greenish substance) or without mucus. Cold and flu are few of the problems that can cause coughing.

(without mucus)


Yǎng yīn qīng fèi héjì
Price: ~22 yuan

(without mucus)


(Liánbāng kè lì tíng)
Price: ~ 26yuan

(with mucus)


(Shédǎn chuān bèi pípá gāo)
Price: ~ 49 yuan

(with mucus)


(Qiánglì pípá lù)
Price: ~ 27 yuan


This occurs when your bowel movements are tough or happen less often than normal. Bowel movements vary from person to person. Some have it three times a day while others once or twice a week.

Bisacody l Enteric-coated Tablets
便塞停 (Biàn sāi tíng)
Price: ~ 34 yuan

Bisacody l Enteric-coated Tablets

必杀可啶肠溶片 (Bì shā kě dìng cháng róng piàn)
Price: ~ 24 yuan

Upset Stomach

The holidays can be cruel to our stomachs.We pay for this overeating, ending many holiday nights bloated and our stomachs rolling with discomfort.


(Sī dá shū)
Price: ~ 37 yuan


(Luò sài kè)
Price: ~ 67 yuan


It is a loose, watery bowel movement that can occur due to ilness, intestinal problems, food poisoning and many other factors.


(Kāng fù zhǐ xiè piàn)
Price: ~ 36 yuan


(Méng tuō fēn sàn piàn)
Price: ~ 21 yuan

Vaginal Fungus

Yeast infection sometimes called candidiasis develops when a moist environment encourages growth of the yeast fungus, such as the genitals. A yeast infection is not a sexually transmitted disease.


(Shuāng zuò tài yīndào pào téng piàn)
Price: ~ 13 yuan


(Kè méi zuò yīndào piàn)
Price: ~ 50 yuan

Morning After Pill

They contain the same hormones that are in the birth control pills, which women have been using for decades. Most women do not have side effects after using emergency contraceptive.


(Bǎo shì tíng)
Price: ~ 40 yuan

Nasal Allergy

It occurs when their is a reaction to touch, swallow or inhale of an allergen. some of the most common triggers are pollen, pet dander, dust mites and mold.


(Kāiruì tǎn)
Price: ~ 16 yuan


(Fǔ gài liáng)
Price: ~ 86 yuan

Sleep Issues

It is a condition of not being able to fall asleep, stay asleep or get the best benefit of sleep. It ca be caused by depression and anxiety, stress, too much caffeine, drug abuse, chronic pain and poor sleeping habits.


(Ānshén bǔ nǎo yè)
Price: ~ 23 yuan