Rock’n Fun with Wuhan's Newest Band – Michael Ceratops !

Do you want to jump ? Do you want to rock ? Then let me introduce you to Michael Ceratops !

After a first appearance on stage at Coastline last week, Michael Ceratops is a nice surprise in this beginning of 2017. As funny as a band’s name could be, this new trio is now ready to rock the stage.

Picture of three people on stage playing music
Photo credits: Vio-RC

Who are they?

Raven Cao, Vocals & Tambourine

Picture of a girl
Photo credits: Sophie

Raven Cao is currently studying a PhD in International Law at Wuhan University. Keen on alternative rock and deep house, she’s discovered her taste for singing when she was a teenager and adds a refreshing innocence to the band.
Tom Jarman, Bass & Vocals
Tom Jarman
Photo credits: Daniel O’Leary

Coming from Wales, Tom is an English teacher in a Primary School in Wuhan. Always been interested in music, he brings the band together and looks for having fun while playing bass and singing.
Josh Skarratts, Drums
Picture of a man on a balcony
Photo credits: J.C.S

As a drummer, Josh brings the little craziness we all look for in a rock band. English teacher at Wuhan N°6, he used to play in different bands back in Manchester, before forming Michael Ceratops in Wuhan.

What are they like?

I had the opportunity to meet them during one of their rehearsals and I met a band who simply wants to have fun while playing the music they enjoy. The sounds are different from what we can hear on the Wuhan rock stage. By making the choice of only having a bass and drums, the influences of this alternative rock band could remind you of The White Stripes, The Black Keys or even The Dead Weathers.

Michael Ceratops at Coastline
Photo credits: Vio-RC

Having being raised by parents who love rock music, I wasn’t surprised to enjoy the rhythms of the songs they played. PJ Harvey, Nine Inch Nails, Royal Blood, everything was there to make this performance original and joyful. Everybody liked it and to be honest, I am pretty sure you will soon too.

For a young band, they have undeniable skills to perform future great gigs and make people have a good time.

I am now waiting for the next round. And you, dear reader, what are you waiting for ?