7 Can't-Miss Cafés around Universities in Wuhan

Welcome to Wuhan, Dear Reader.

What could be better than enjoying the last few weeks of warmth relaxing with a fresh cup of aromatic coffee? There are many elegant cafés in Wuhan, where you could enjoy nice coffee, lovely music and moreover, free Wi-Fi. The following ones would be perfect choices for you to wile away the afternoon and escape the cold!

Haben Bar 哈本吧

Near Central China Normal University

Haben is a distinctive café that is also an art gallery and shop. Enjoy your favorite cup of coffee, tea, or alcohol while browsing the art at one of their frequent exhibition openings, or spend the afternoon outside under an umbrella on their patio.
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Rongyuan Café  融园咖啡

Near Hubei University

Enjoy a cup of hot or cold coffee in this converted teachers’ apartment built in the early 20th century. Sit inside in either of the two rooms or in the private room upstairs and gaze out the window at the lush greenery.
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Mojie Café魔界咖啡

Near Tongji Medical College of HUST
This is what coffee connoisseurs call a “choice location.” Under this European-style roof you’ll find a multitude of little surprises and nostalgic tidbits, from the antique wooden chairs to the coffee bean-filled denim satchels hanging on the walls.
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Lehuo Xiangcao 活香草

Near Wuhan University

Small, clean, and comfortable, Lehuo Xiangcao is a café built on its owner’s love of herbs. Spend an afternoon looking over their selection of books and magazines, or come for their trivia sessions and mini folk concerts.
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Merci Cafe

Near Jianghan University

Merci Cafe has the style of Zakka, sofas are comfortable on the second floor, and there is a exquisite patio as well. Dense foam of Latte and sweetnss of berry biscuits will make you love this place.
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Zoo Coffee (动物咖啡)

Near Huazhong University of 
Science and Technology

It’s an animal-themed Cafe, which is very suitable for kids.  If you plan on eating there, it’s a good idea to call ahead and let them know. It’s worth the wait, though, as everything they make tastes light and delicious.
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 Java 爪哇空气

Near Hubei University of Chinese Medicine 

The stone aisle of the sweet scented osmanthus, red wine with fruit, the ashtray covered with the coffee powder, a petty bourgeoisie gathering indeed,you will got drunk before you drink.

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