Incubated in China by Shubila Ruth Kikoko

An introduction of Shubila Ruth Kikoko and her book named Incubated in China

Please meet Shubila, a young woman from Tanzania pursuing her PhD in Strategic and Risk Enterprise Management in Wuhan University of Technology. Shubi, as she is affectionately called by her family and friends, describes Wuhan as her second home after spending 5 years in this city. She has followed a teenager’s dream to write a book specially about her mother and all the battles she went through until the end of her life; but later, the purpose got an evolution with all the experiences she lived so far. The book in question is titled as “Incubated in China”, the title is an insight of the author’s life and the experiences she gets through specially when she took the decision to come to Wuhan. This book was considered before as her only purpose in life and following her words “this book is like a gate in which God empowers her to inspire people and make them know that your past does not define who you are or where you stand in life”.

The most touching part about her and this book is the fact that she has overcome all her fears and had the courage to write “with an almost scaring honesty” about many intimate components of her life considering the fact that it could impact her future in many ways.

The cover of the book authored by Shubila Ruth
The cover of Incubated in China

Incubated in China is mainly about the author’s story from her childhood to the beginning of her professional career in Tanzania and then her decision to come to China with a mind full of hope and ambitions.

By reading this book, you will be introduced to the universe of Shubila coming from what she described as a chaos in her life when all the doors are closing one after another and how she has been holding to her faith in God no matter how difficult it was. Through Incubated in China, Shubila is sharing with the readers her periods of doubts, her self-questioning when she was asking herself whether she will overcome all the difficulties she was living or not.

The author is aiming to make you understand that nothing has to be taken for granted in this life, and your faith is the only thing that can guide you specially during the tough times.

As Shubila in this book, everybody, has faced a period where they needed to make choices which will define their life in one way or another. However, these choices; either good or bad do not have to make you think that you cannot achieve any goals that you have set even though some people do not trust you or make you lose confidence in yourself. On the way of pursuing your goals, a lot of difficulties will occur including financial, personal, sentimental and so on but that does not have the right to make you neither doubt about yourself nor give up.

Shuila is dedicacing to one reader present at the book tour in Chongqing
Shubila writing a dedicace to one reader at the book tour in Chongqing

By writing this book, the author introduces the readers deep down into her life at a very personal level and share an explicit picture of her life. She aims at making you understand that whoever you are and whatever the goals you want to achieve in your life, you can make it and get incubated as well by reaching a higher level of self-esteem, self-confidence, positive outlook along the way in order to realize self-accomplishment.

For those who are seeking their way in life especially those away from their home, this book is an empowerment which will make you realize that no matter your origins and your background, you can achieve all the dreams you have set in life with self-confidence, hard work and an undying faith; and that is possible wherever you are in the globe.

Incubated in China is a source of inspiration and empowerment which teach us how to build yourself by learning from your failures and victories by taking the author as an example specially for people living in Wuhan.

A flyer of the book Tour with all the cities where Incubated in China was introduced around China.
A flyer of the book Tour with all the cities where Incubated in China was introduced.

Since its release in August 2016, Incubated in China has been introduced with a Book Tour to other cities around China like Jinan, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. Shubila is aiming to meet people from all around China for now, to introduce them into her world and let them know how to fulfill their dreams and get incubated too.
Some supporters of Incubated in China during the book tour in Chongqing.
Some supporters of Incubated in China during the book tour in Chongqing.

Shubila with some supporters during an event in Wuhan.
Shubila with some supporters during an event in Wuhan.

Book Launch in Wuhan

As a big part of the story told in the book was experienced in Wuhan which occupies a place in the author’s heart with history and beautiful memories. Wuhan is chosen as the city where Incubated in China will get launched precisely at the Royal Grace Hotel.

The event will be a lunch buffet honored by the presence of His Excellency the Tanzanian Ambassador as well as the representatives of the different sponsors.

A icture of Royal Grace Hotel in Wuhan
Royal Grace Hotel, Optics Valley, Wuhan

The program is composed of the book’s presentation, a Q/A session, photos and dedications, networking time, food and refreshments without forgetting about a surprise show.

A picture of Wuhan Royal Grace Hotel big ceremony hall
Royal Grace Hotel’s ceremony hall

Date: December 31st

Venue: Wuhan, Royal Grace Hotel, 2 DaXue Yuan Road, East Lake High Tech Development Zone, Wuhan 430223, China 中国武汉东湖高新技术开发区大学园路2号

Time: 11:00am to 15:00pm

Entrance fee: 150RMB
Please scan this QR code to register for the event

A picture of a QR code given for the book launch registration
The link for registration into the book launch

Permanent link for buying the book on Taobao: in China【【正版】中国成长回忆录 Incubated in China:a memoir】