‘Getting Inked’ in Wuhan

So you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, maybe to remember your visit to Wuhan, maybe because you found a new love and are proud to display it (my next one might just be RuGanMian) but where do you go to get inked up? More importantly who’s going to give you an awesome tattoo and who might tattoo the words ‘Chicken soup’ to your back and claim it means ‘love, peace and harmony?’

Well first of all you might have to think about getting a tattoo and the fact that it is for life, but we are not your mum, so we wont give you too much of a lecture.

Here is just a few of the literally hundreds (if not thousands of tattoo shops that are spread out across the windy city of Wuhan) If this doesn’t wet your appetite for a bit of artistic self modification I don’t know what will.